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8+ Coin Master Tricks You Need to Know

Coin master tricks and tips

Here we present you tricks and cheats you should know while playing coin master in order to get the most out of the game and get ahead of your friends .

Start by Playing as Guest

when you download coin master and start the app , it will ask you to log-in with your facebook account .

i advise you to ignore this option and start playing as guest , because this you have the ability to take advantage from all the free spins given to you from the start .

​Card limit

with this trick you will learn how to Send more than five cards per day.

you can do it by easily Changing the phone’s date in settings 24 hours forward.

Feeding Pet:

when you done playing and your pet is already fed , go to pets selection and choose a different pet , this way the timer will stop and the pet will stay active .

Rare Cards

Get more rare cards: Players prefer to trade cards at Facebook groups.

once you get a card the game will start giving you more of the same card when you open a new chest.

Save the extra cards to trad them later with friends and other players , in order to get new and rare cards .

Super betting:

If the super bet inn coin master is enabled for you be sure to keep it at x5 and don’t go under it as long as you can,

this way you will keep the super bet activated as long as you don’t go under x5 .

Get More sets and spins

To get more card sets and also more spins , you should spend a lot buying chests at first levels , especially levels before 50 .this way you will make sure that you will find all the cards available in each village .and you will have more cards and more spins .

Also when you feel that you are about to lose more spins than you win it’s time to stop and wait for the next event.

Card boom events

buy chests on cards boom event only. this way you will guarantee to get the maximum possible of cards in specific levels .

Tricks to do when buying chests

Trick 1:

This is my favorite trick. Look at the last card in the chest and count the stars.

One or two stars > buy a wooden chest .

if it has three stars > buy gold chest.

Four to five stars > buy a magical.

if you spend too much and didn’t find any cards just move on to the next level .

Trick 2:

  1. Start buying wooden chests until the last card is 3 stars or more.
  2. move to the golden chest and continue buying until the last card is 4 stars or golden.
  3. start buying magical chests until the last card is golden.
  4. start over and repeat.

Trick 3:

Buy twenty chests of each type of chest.

Trick 4

Don’t buy chest at a new level that you just reached until you build your village items to two stars , only after you can start buying chests .


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