Coin Master coin stocking tips & tricks 2020

Coin Master coin stocking

Coin Master Coin stocking is important thing to do if you’re welling to advance in the game very quick . and use those coin to build villages in Set Blast Event or buy chests in Card Boom Events .

what is does Stacking Coins mean?

Stocking coins is just you saving billions and billions worth of coins on your account without spending them.

How i Stock Coins in Coin Master

bellow i made and easy follow step by step tips for you to do on in order to stock billions of coins in Coin Master

Step 1 : Facebook Friends List

You will need to go through all your friends on your coin master leader boards.

Write down all the names of the people on your list that you do not know. These are instantly people you want removed off your account.

To remove these people, you will need to log into your Facebook that you use with that coin master. Search for this list of people and remove them.

Once you remove them all close the coin master app and re open it. You will see all these people gone and the leader boards are a lot clearer.

Step 2 : Look for coin Stockers

You need to go through your list again, it should be family and friends you have now make sure of that as you might have missed one or two.

You will want to tap on each person on the leaderboards section which will take you to their village.

At the top you will see their coin balance is shown. Now this isn’t a correct balance.

This is around 2/3rd of the actual amount they have.

What you are looking for is to see if members of your page have coin stock. If there is no one then you’re looking to find a few coin stockers who are willingly going to allow you to raid them to help start your coin build.

It Can be difficult to find people but there are plenty groups with players for that.

here is an example following the strategy of Coin Master coin stocking :

Coin Master coin stocking tips
Coin Master coin stocking

Step 3 : Coin Master coin stocking

Now that you have cleared your friends list out, you have got a couple trustworthy stocker friends, it’s time to let the coins build.

Now to do this you are going to have to force yourself not to spend any of the coins you earn for around 2 events in a row minimum.

For players with less spins this might take a little longer as the less spins you have obviously, you’re not able to go as far in an event so maybe ¾ events worth will get you going.

Those with spins you will naturally accumulate coins playing events correctly and using your fox pet and the most important part using correct sequences.

You can see the pattern im pretty much telling you. Do not spend your coins save them up. Set yourself coin targets. You know like, can I get to 100B coins?

Get there then go hmm wonder if I can push to 200B coins? Got there? How about 300B.

You see coins will save you. If you had even 100B coins saved guess what that can do if you end up messing up during an event and come short to a spin reward? Easy Viking Completion.

There’s an extra 5K spins to push you further with 2 golds to go with it. Maybe even help complete a set that you need for pet food.

Events : stock Coins over participating

  • Just because Viking Quest is on doesn’t mean you need to play it. Even if you need gold cards.
  • Just because Village Master is on doesn’t mean you need to build.
  • Just because Set Blast is on doesn’t mean you need to buy chests to complete sets (yes if you have 0/low spins)
  • Just because Card Boom is on doesn’t mean you need to buy chests.
  • Just because your Cards for Chests is available doesn’t mean you need to spend your coins buying them.

Play Smart. Be Smart. Save the Coins.

Video Explaining the Method of Coin Stacking in coin Master

Video attached will explain Coin Master coin stocking for users who prefer this type of learning as some find it easier than reading posts.Video Link:

Coin Master coin stocking
Coin Master coin stocking


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