How to get coin master free spins using generators step by step [with picture]

Hello Coin Master Players today i am gonna share with you how to get coin master free spins and coins, i still remember the first time i used this spins generator through this link i got around 400 spin .

the first month of using it was easy and fast , sometime you just wait for one hour or two and your spins will be applied to your account, but now due to high volume of users using it daily it takes a little bit time to generate coins and receive them .

in this is the tutorial I’m gonna teach you how to get free coins and free spins for coin master and i will share with you the top links i am using till this day .

Get your coin master username

the first thing you should do is to get your username in coin master game but you can also use your Facebook email as well , we will keep those two saved .

Link to generate free spins

the second step that you need to do is that you need to close everything down and then open your this link

ps: you might want to save this website somewhere because you will need to log in to it multiple times a day and hope you will be one the first to get free coin master spens once the website generates new ones

After that you will see a screen like this so you need to go here and then enter your username and platform you play in :

After you type in your username and the platform that you’re using you ill see something like this :

coin master free spins and coins
coin master free spins and coins

Here the generator verify your username and make sure it exist

after that you will be asked for the amount of spins and coins you want to generate and it will look something like this :

my tip for you is don’t go too high it might work sometimes but not always šŸ˜‰

Now just press generate and you should see something like this :

Here you just wait for the generator to start generating the free coins and spins

sometimes it might ask you for human verification because many people have been abusing this website with automatic software’s and BOTS

if that’s the case you will see something like this :

the Verification is really easy sometimes it might need to complete a survey or add your phone number or add your email , in my case i got some surveys to complete :

just choose one and complete it and you should see a page that tells you’re verified a congratulation icon like this :

Now just go back and you should see the spins and coins applied to your account ,

another case is when you finish the verification and you found that the generated coins are all gone in this case just wait another 6 hours sometime even less and try again ,

another thing you should try is try the generator at midnight or in the morning .

that’s it on how to get free spins using a generator with human verification

List of links to generate free coin master spins


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