Does Coin master glorify gambling and sells it to kids!

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Coin Master successfully takes the traditional experience of slot machines (the heart of all games of chance), combines it with a very light mechanic of basic construction, attack and flight of the other players, and supports all this with a strong social bond About a bright living life.

operations, a well-balanced economy, an excellent gaming experience and an informal artistic style, all offering a very unique slot experience with significant traction in the market.

Oddly enough, this recipe works and the game can be very enticing and fun to play, even if you are not a fan of social casinos!

Germany investigates about Coin master

In Germany Jan Böhmermann would like to see gambling-like games like Coin Master on the index – but was not allowed to submit the application himself because only offices and teaching institutions are allowed to do so.

So Böhmermann turned to his audience in a video and was successful: According to the Federal Testing Agency for Media Harmful to Young People, Böhmermann’s call “received a large number of applications and suggestions for indexing the game”.

Therefore, Coin Master is now actually checked for content that is harmful to young people.

Games are indexed if, according to the BPjM, they are likely to jeopardize the development of children or adolescents or their upbringing as a responsible and socially responsible person.

They can then no longer be made available to minors and even advertising for indexed media is illegal – which would hit Coin Masters particularly hard because the app massively advertises with celebrities like Dieter Bohlen or influencers like Bibi from Bibi’s Beauty Palace.

I’m not a child but I do have a rather addictive personality due to having autism. As much as I am aware of this, its very hard to control.. I have spent over £600 on this game due to addictiveness and how easily they advertise to buy more spins to keep going.. I have tried stopping but I cant.

Annie Strong

Revenue Stats of Coin master

Coin Master from Moon Active, rose up to fifth spot on the overall grossing rankings for November — claiming its best month ever with $63.3 million in gross revenue, in what has been a year of records for the title.

Revenue has been led by the United States, generating $327.2 million in lifetime revenue in the country to date, or 52.3% of player spending, while Great Britain was the second highest grossing country with an estimated $85.2 million, or 13.6% of revenue.

Much like Township, growth has been backed by an increase in downloads between January and August.

However, its single best month for installs remains March 2018 with its total of 4.1 million. While that led to a consistent increase in sales, it did not result in the same dramatic jumps experienced in 2019, which you can see in the chart above.


Coin Master is a very well done reinvention of what mobile slots can look like. Like the other best games, it combines various proven game mechanisms to create winning combinations.

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