how to get more spins on coin master

how to get more spins on coin master

everybody wants to get free spins on coin master but since it’s competing game between friends and players , no body will share with you their secret tricks and methods to get more spins on coin master .

here in this post we will share with you three methods on how to get free spins on coin master .

Coin master free spins HACK #1

check websites and blogs that share daily free spins and coins ,

these websites share direct link to coin master to collect your coins and free spins , and the amount of spins is different every day . it can be only 10 spins or 50 free spins gift .

But you have to be careful because some sites share malware links and other stuff ,

We recommend you this post to check it on a daily basis to get your free spins .

This is the easiest trick to get free spins on a daily basis .

Coin master free spins HACK #2

The second trick is to follow Coin master Official accounts on social media , as they often share links to free spins and coins .

here is the the two account that they coin master stuff are often active :




a bonus trick related to social media Hack is to join active groups related to coin master , and like pages that are active .

Coin master Official group

other pages and groups that i personally prefer :

a small and well moderated group

page offering daily spins

Coin master free spins HACK #3

We saved the best and the hard one to the last . even though a lot people are using it , they don’t talk about this free spins trick as much .

this hack is about getting free spins from online generators , this hack is the best to get a good quantity of free spins , and by good quantity i don’t mean 100 or 500 free spins , actually it can go up to 10.000 free spins .

imagine to get that amount of free spins on a daily basis ! but don’t let that fool you ,

Yes it’s a big amount of free spins a lot of people started using it on a daily basis , and some of them are using robots to even get more , don’t forget that there is big chunk of fake generators that don’t work anymore … !

here i will share with you two of the free spins generators that worked and still work with me from time to time , one thing about these generators is you have to be patient and you have to check them on a daily basis or once a while as the amount of free spins is limited everyday .

1st online free spins generator

2nd online free spins generator

Final thoughts

if you have any other tricks or hacks you personally use and want me to include theme in this blog please feel free to share them in the comments .

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