Top 15 Best OFFLINE Games for Android and iOS 2019-2020

most mobile games currently require an internet connection while playing and it’s really hard to find the best offline games for your device.

but don’t worry because we’ve got you covered today we’re gonna be counting down our top picks for the top 15 best Android and iOS games that can be played completely offline .

15 car parking 3d

starting off at number 15 we have a real car parking 3d now this is a driving game where it doesn’t matter how fast you drive.

there are various game modes but in all of them you’ll need to park your car without running into anything.
now as you park your car you’ll have to avoid hitting three or more obstacles in order to advance

there are three ways to park

  • parallel
  • perpendicular
  • double line

game play in real car parking 3d adapts to your needs letting you choose from various game modes it also includes different cameras making the experience of parking your car as realistic as possible .

14 master thief

now at number 14 is master thief master thief is a casual game where you play as a thief who wants to rob a museum full of well-known works of art but this gallery has plenty of security so you’re gonna have to dodge guards to escape from the building without getting caught now the fun of this game is that you can steal tons of famous pieces like the Mona Lisa or scream by Edvard Munch.

and at the end of each level you’ll see a screen with all the art you’ve stolen so far and mastered thief you can have fun while stealing tons of famous art from this museum and as you advance security will get tighter and harder.

13 slot is eternal

filling our number 13 slot is eternal soldier now this is a first-person shooter in which you’re gonna play the role of a veteran of numerous military operations but they died in battle and they end up in purgatory.

so around your soldier there’s a lot of pleasant scenery and the same legions of vile creatures that profit from his destruction but they could not assume that he brought with him an arsenal of weapons and is ready to fight to the last cartridge.

so they’re waiting for the lead of a professional soldier and carcasses of demons store gold and other valuables that are very useful for obtaining new types of trunks as well as pumping skills .

12 Lili

Lili is a fascinating arcade game in which you dive into this stunning world the game has amazing 3d graphics and according to the developer it’s one of the best on the mobile platform also this game has an excellent story which has already been recognized by many gaming publications.

the game controls are surprisingly excellent, now I haven’t played a lot of time playing this game but there are clunky controls and that’s why because I’ve spent a few hours exploring the island of Geo’s hunting down its spirits and collecting each and every one of its secrets.

11 steel and flesh 2

in this game you’re gonna be transported to the Middle Ages where you’ll carry out numerous missions and tasks to capture and conquer new lands take control of a small Kingdom and do everything you can to expand and expand it to lands develop your game strategy and do not let the enemies defeat you ,manage a small army conduct diplomatic relations with other states and replenish your Treasury, do your best to improve your kingdom and bring it to prosperity.

the sequel has acquired better graphics new features even greater scale and much more that’s gonna please you if you like games like mountain blade

10 dead meat

next up at number 10 we have dead meat now this is an FPS zombie survival game in which you have to survive the zombies and fight your way to safety with FPS guns through endless waves of zombies .

the story of this game is that lethal acid rain has turned about 99 percent of the population in the world and two flesh-eating zombies and the earth is in ruins as these devastating undead zombie hordes eat their way through the last remaining survivors you can unlock guns and melee weapons with earnable money and weapon crates from daily rewards amazing mobile controls and intuitive joystick various aim settings to personalize your experience too .

9 safe zone

safe zone is kind of a shmup where instead of flying a spaceship or plane like usual you play as a survivor of the zombie apocalypse who’s trying to get rid of hordes of the undead so when you start your adventure which is comprised of dozens of different levels all you have is an automatic pistol .

but as you beat levels however you can unlock tons of weapons and improve your attributes by spending money gameplay in safe zone is very simple and perfectly adapted to touchscreens all you have to do is tap on the screen and slide your finger to move your character while shooting .

8 escape legacy 3d

coming in at number eight we have escape legacy 3d now this is a first-person adventure puzzle game in which you’ll control Erica and help her find secrets behind ancient scrolls in this game you can explore tons of escape rooms try to observe for clues and hidden items solve difficult puzzles challenging riddles and make your exit plan for escaping as fast as possible from this mysterious place.

use your mind skills to find the solution for mysterious puzzles collect clues and necessary items this game has over 10 hours of gameplay content and amazing console-like graphics .

although the game is heavily optimized to run an acceptable framerate even on mid-range devices .

7 diggie dog 2

diggie dog – is an action and platformer game where you’re in control of a charming dog that has to dig up hidden treasures and mysterious artifacts your objective is to make your human very happy of course after all your protagonist is a good dog.

although you’ll spend a significant amount of time digging an important part of the game which involves visiting the surface –

that’s where you’ll find your owner who’ll give you money for each artifact that you bring back the dealer who lets you buy all kinds of tools and the delightful grandma who rewards you for all of your achievements.

farming simulator 20

moving on to number six we have farming simulator 20 in this game you’re gonna take control of vehicles and machines faithfully recreated from leading brands in the industry .

this includes John Deere the largest agriculture machinery company in the world and you can drive other famous farming brands such as Case IH New Holland Challenger fence vulture Crone many more .

this game features a North American environment in which to develop and expand your farm .

enjoy many exciting farming activities including new machinery and crops with cotton and oats new to the mobile franchise .

5 blade of God

moving on to number five we have blade of God blade of God is a 3d action game that’s clearly inspired by the God of War saga this time you get to control a mysterious character that’s armed with a sight your objective here is to advance in resetting that’s full of monsters and get rid of them in the most brutal way possible .

it’s important to keep in mind that this is a trial version so you can only play on the first level but that being said in this first level you can and will face two giant bosses will test your sight skills .

you’ll also face several other enemies as well as a barrier that’ll block your path .

4 forgotten memories

next up at number four we have forgotten memories starting to play you find yourself in the role of a woman named Rose Hawkins whose busy searching for a little girl Eden who disappeared some time ago.

one day the main character wakes up in a strange and terrible place and the situation is further aggravated by her bullet wound investigating the
disappearance of the girl she is drawn into the epicenter of a horrific tragedy .

Rose needs to overcome her own nightmares and the only way she’s gonna be able to reveal the secret of a long abandoned Hospital this game has a psychological storyline modern graphics with realistic locations and smooth gameplay .

3 tabletop racing world tour

tabletop racing is as the name suggests an arcade racer that pits miniature racecars against each other to battle for supremacy and such settings as a backyard a bedroom and a garage .

the game up for 16 pint-sized vehicles each with different starting stats that you can later upgrade in tune these cars aren’t licensed from manufactures , but they do their best to provide fun offer and takes on those car makers like the Ferrari as well as the give at least a few nods to pop culture vehicles.

these cars come in three classes cult classics street racers and supercars.

2 grid Autosport

next up at number 2 we have grid Autosport this game was originally released in 2015 for PC and the last gen consoles.

represented an attempt by developer Codemasters to bring the series back towards a more authentic racing game.

even after a few different laps with a few different cars I could see that grid is indeed a demanding a realistic racing game that will challenge even the most experienced racing game player out there .

I’ve been playing around with different cars to get a feel of how they handle and I’ve been amazed at how differently each type of car drives.

1 bright memory mobile

and finally number one we have bright memory mobile now this is a first-person action shooting game in which you can control different styles of special abilities and create a set of gorgeous combos with a combination of skills .

it tells an adventure story of Sheela of natural science research organization now if you own an iOS device and are interested in taking bright memory mobile out for a spin you can find it available for download on the App Store as a premium app that costs $4 .

meanwhile Android users will have to wait until later this month before they can get their hands on this game

Tell us about you list

tell us about you list of games , or a favorite game that you think we forgot mentioning ,


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