11 Elden Ring Best Weapons

Elden Ring Best Weapons
Written by Wayka Mido

11 Best Elden Ring Weapons List

Weapons TypeSkill
Beast-Repellent TorchTorchsTorch Attack
Black KnifeDaggerBlade of Death
Cranial Vessel CandlestandWarhammerSurge of Faith
Crystal KnifeDaggerQuickstep
Death Ritual SpearSpearSpearcall Ritual
Erdsteel DaggerDaggerQuickstep
Fallingstar Beast JawColossal WeaponGravity Bolt
Gargoyle’s Black HalberdHalberdSpinning Slash
Gargoyle’s BlackbladeTwinbladesCorpse Wax Cutter
Giant’s Red BraidWhipFlame Dance
Golden HalberdHalberdGolden Vow
Elden Ring Best Weapons

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