How To Get Pumpkin In Wacky Wizards?

How To Get Pumpkin In Wacky Wizards?
Written by Wike Cattleyana

Have you heard that you can get pumpkin in Wacky Wizard?

how to get pumpkin in wacky wizard

Wacky Wizards’ Halloween event has officially begun! Spooky shenanigans have been added to the wizarding experience as of Oct. 8, 2021, featuring the option to explore the map, exchange potions, and even scare NPCs for tasty candy! You’ll be able to access the brand new Pumpkin Head ingredient and make some wonderfully wicked potions after gathering enough sweets, at least 1,800 pieces.

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How to get the Pumpkin Ingredient?

To collect the Pumpkin in Wacky Wizard, you’ll need to collect candy via trick or treating, discover it on the map, then scare NPCs by drinking potions near them. To get the Pumpkin ingredient, you’ll need a total of 1,800 Candy, which you may turn in at the Headed HorseMan zone of the game.

Hidden Candies

Candy may be found scattered over the map. It will have the appearance of large candy corn and will be dazzling. Once one has been collected from a location, it will eventually respawn. If you don’t see them in your game, you should probably leave and try another.

The Potion Trader

The Potion Trader will arrive at the game randomly during the event. He’ll have a list of remedies alongside him that you may bring to him to obtain Candy. For each potion you complete, you will receive ten points. Premium potions appear to be a part of this. Every 30 minutes, a new Potion Trader will appear with fresh potions to make. This implies you can receive 30 Candy each time he visits using this approach.

When he spawns, he’ll be in front of the sign announcing the arrival of the next Cyclops event! Each time he shows up, the potions will be different!

That would be all the things you need to know to find the Pumpkin in Wacky Wizard. Do you guys already get the pumpkin in Wacky Wizard? Comment down below and make sure to check out our other game too!

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