Fool Egg Adopt Me

Fool Egg Adopt Me
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The Fool Egg, a limited legendary egg featured in Adopt Me, was introduced on April 1, 2023, marking a unique and festive addition to the game. This special egg was available for purchase at a cost of Bucks 1,000 from a stand near the Hot Air Balloon and remained accessible for one week

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Fool Egg Appearance and Limited Availability

Fool Egg resembles the Christmas Egg, distinguished by a distinctive four-tipped red hat. Colored green and fashioned in the shape of a Christmas tree, it displays multicolored lights strung around its sides.

OriginApril Fools Day 2023
DescriptionThe Fool Egg is a Legendary Pet from April Fools Day 2023.
It is currently worth a little more than the Kiwi.
It is currently worth a little less than the Sabertooth.
It is currently about equal in value to the Blue Butterfly Wings.
Dream Pet12 users currently have Fool Egg as their Dream Pet.
Users must log in to be able to choose their dream pets.
Popularity104 offers for the regular Fool Egg are currently active on

Fool Egg Adopt Me Value

 Fool Egg Adopt Me Value
NameFool Egg
PriceBucks 1,000
Pet Rarity ChancesCommon: 0
Uncommon: 0%
Rare: 65%
Ultra-Rare: 25%
Legendary: 10%


In the world of Adopt Me!, a comprehensive knowledge of the Fool Egg becomes an invaluable guide, enabling enthusiasts to navigate the distinct features and exceptional qualities of this egg. This understanding optimizes the gaming journey for dedicated players and collectors, offering insights into the Fool Egg’s rarity and significance within the game.

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