Scarecrow Cat Adopt Me

Scarecrow Cat Adopt Me
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Scarecrow Cat, a limited ultra-rare addition to Adopt Me, emerged on October 19, 2023, introduced as a key component of the Halloween Event (2023). Initially available via the Scarecrow Box for a price of 18,000 Candy Icons within the Asylum shop.

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Scarecrow Cat Appearance and Limited Availability

Scarecrow Cat presents a striking appearance, featuring a black head fashioned together, adorned with glowing orange eyes, a black nose complemented by orange whiskers, and a single black ear paired with hay, mimicking the other. The eerie yet captivating appearance extends to a dark red jacket draped over the black body, complete with two feet and hay protruding from each arm.

Scarecrow Cat at different growth stages in Adopt Me

Growth StageTrick Learned
Post-TeenTrick 1
Full GrownTrick 2

Acquiring Scarecrow Cat

PriceCandy Icon 18,000
Obtained throughScarecrow Box

Neon and Mega Neon Chipmunk

Neon Chipmunk in Adopt Me exhibits a vibrant luminescence, with an orange glow emanating from its tuft of fur, brown markings, outer ears, whiskers, and feet. This unique feature sets it apart, creating an eye-catching display within the game.

Mega Neon Chipmunk elevates the visual experience further. Similar to its neon counterpart, the Mega Neon Chipmunk illuminates in the same areas, but with an added twist. These regions cycle through a mesmerizing spectrum of colors, resembling the hues of a rainbow, creating a dynamic and captivating spectacle for players.


Discovering the unique traits, exclusivity, and features of prized pets like the Scarecrow Cat significantly enhances the gaming journey in Adopt Me! For avid players and collectors, comprehending these intricacies becomes pivotal for expanding their virtual menagerie and enhancing gameplay experiences. This detailed information about the Scarecrow Cat serves as a valuable resource, assisting enthusiasts in navigating its rarity and distinctive characteristics for an enriched gaming adventure.

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