Retired Egg Adopt Me

Retired Egg Adopt Me
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Retired Egg in Adopt Me is an exclusive and highly desired item introduced on July 21, 2022. This unique egg offers players a chance to acquire different pet rarities – from Common to Legendary. Found in the VIP room within the Nursery, this egg can be purchased for 600 Bucks or acquired through player trades.

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Retired Egg Appearance and Limited Availability

the Retired Egg boasts a cream-colored design akin to the Starter and Pet Eggs, donning gray glasses, a white mustache, and a brown cane, symbolizing retired elders. This unique aesthetic adds a touch of distinction to this exclusive egg offering within the game.

Retired Egg Information
OriginVIP Room
Items close in valueVarious items from different
shops and events
DescriptionThe Retired Egg is a Rare Pet
from the VIP Room and holds
an approximate value akin to the
Sunflower Rattle.
Dream Pet5 users currently have Retired
Egg as their Dream Pet
Popularity23 offers for the regular Retired
Egg are currently active on AdoptMe

Retired Egg Adopt Me Value

Retired Egg Adopt Me Value

PriceBucks 600
Rarity ChancesCommon (20%), Uncommon (35%),
Rare (27%), Ultra-Rare (15%), Legendary (3%)

Retired Egg Adopt Me Trivia

The Retired Egg price & hatch chancesIdentical to the Pet Egg: Bucks 600, with Common (20%), Uncommon (35%), Rare (27%), Ultra-Rare (15%), Legendary (3%) chances
SymbolizesRepresents Eggburt


Understanding the unique attributes and rarity of exclusive pets like the Retired Egg contributes significantly to the immersive experience within Adopt Me! For ardent players and collectors, comprehending the specifics of such limited eggs becomes instrumental in broadening their collection of virtual pets, thereby enhancing their overall gaming involvement. This detailed knowledge about the Retired Egg serves as a valuable guide, helping enthusiasts navigate the uniqueness and special characteristics of this egg to optimize their gaming journey.

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