What Is The Rarest Pet In Adopt Me

What Is The Rarest Pet In Adopt Me
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Rarest Pet in Adopt Me is a captivating Roblox-based virtual game offering an engaging platform where players can buy, trade, and nurture a variety of animals. A significant aspect of the game’s allure lies in the quest for exclusive rare, ultra-rare, and legendary pets.

Unveiling the top 10 Exquisite World of Rare Pets

10. Griffin – Legendary

10. Griffin - Legendary
CategoryCostHatching Chance
Griffin600 RobuxN/A

The griffin, though considered legendary, is a permanent feature in the Adopt Me! pet shop. The head resembles an eagle, coupled with a lion’s body. It was previously ultra-rare but was reclassified upon the official release of Adopt Me!

9.Golden Dragon – Legendary

9.Golden Dragon - Legendary
CategoryCostHatching Chance
Golden Dragon660 Stars33.3%

This majestic creature exhibits a golden, metallic body with color shifts, turning from blue to black at night. The chances of hatching the golden dragon stand at 33.3%, adding to its rarity.

8.Diamond Unicorn – Legendary

8.Diamond Unicorn - Legendary
CategoryCostHatching Chance
Diamond Unicorn1,320 Stars33.3%

The diamond unicorn, available through a diamond egg, showcases an icy blue body and a mane that darkens during the night. Only obtainable after meeting specific milestones and stars.

7. Sabertooth – Ultra-Rare

7. Sabertooth - Ultra-Rare
CategoryCostHatching Chance
Sabertooth750 Bucks15%

An ultra-rare addition from the Fossil Isle Excavation event, the sabertooth presents an orange coat with striking fangs, and its Mega Neon version boasts a vibrant rainbow pattern.

6.Queen Bee – Legendary

6.Queen Bee - Legendary
CategoryCostHatching Chance
Queen Bee199 Robux2.5%

The elusive queen bee can be tamed with a mere 2.5% success rate from a honey purchase. Its neon version exhibits glowing white stripes.

5.Australian Kelpie – Rare

5.Australian Kelpie - Rare
CategoryCostHatching Chance
Australian Kelpie750 Bucks13.5%

A rare breed from the Aussie egg collection, the Australian kelpie, donning a black and tan pattern, highlights loyalty and herding instincts.

4.Frost Fury – Legendary

4.Frost Fury - Legendary
CategoryCostHatching Chance
Frost Fury800 RobuxN/A

A special edition dragon introduced in the 2020 Winter Holiday event, the frost fury features a distinct wingless design and a white body with blue accents.

3.Evil Unicorn – Legendary

3.Evil Unicorn - Legendary
CategoryCostHatching Chance
Evil Unicorn108,000 candy cornsN/A

Released during Halloween 2019, the evil unicorn sports a midnight black body with red accents and possesses exclusive tricks.

2.Bat Dragon – Legendary

CategoryCostHatching Chance
Bat Dragon180,000 candy cornsN/A

With its bat face and wings, the bat dragon emerged during the 2019 Halloween event and retains exclusive skills.

1.Monkey King – Legendary

1.Monkey King - Legendary
CategoryCostHatching ChanceAdditional Info
Monkey King195 RobuxN/AThe rarest pet in Adopt Me!

Its complexity in obtaining is evident, as it was part of a convoluted process during the 2020 Monkey Fairground event. Inspired by the Chinese legend of Sun Wukong, the pet stands out with intricate and unique features.

Explore the mystical and sought-after pets in Adopt Me, and embark on a thrilling journey to collect these remarkable creatures.

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