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Written by Wayka Mido

Idle Breakout Unblocked is brick-busting game inspired from the successful breakout for the Atari game, and took it to the next level where you earn money by each brick you destroy, and you can upgrade the game after earning enough to buy balls to help you destroy more bricks.

Idle Breakout Unblocked FAQ

What does prestige do in Idle Breakout?

prestige in Idle Breakout allows players to progress faster in the game.

What should I upgrade in Idle Breakout?

here are all the available Upgrades in Idle Breakout :
Basic Ball – Speed and power.
Plasma Ball – Range and power.
Sniper Ball – Speed and power.
Scatter Ball – Extra balls and power.
Cannonball – Speed and power.
Poison Ball – Speed and power.

When was Idle Breakout unblocked first released ?

Idle Breakout was released in January 2019

What is the max level in Idle Breakout?

the max level in Idle Breakout is level 40,000, the bonus is $1,024,000,000 .

What is the fastest ball in Idle Breakout?

he fastest ball in Idle Breakout Poison Ball it has both Speed and power.

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