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Written by Wayka Mido

Tunnel Rush Unblocked is an endless game where you go through a colorful tunnel and avoid obstacles that come in your way.

your goal is to reach the highest score you can , as the game is endless but it’s fun to play and it becomes challenging once you pass the first easy obstacles.

the tunnel rush will put into test your focus and quick reflexes .

To play the game just use left and right arrows or the AD keys to move left and right.

Tunnel Rush Unblocked FAQ

Where can I play Tunnel rush?

you can play tunnel rush free on your browser as an html5 game or download it on your phone via play store

Is there a tunnel Rush 2?

there are many tunnel rush versions but they don’t differ from the original much so you can still play and enjoy the first version.

How many levels are in tunnel rush?

tunnel rush is an endless game and has no end or levels.

When was Tunnel Rush made?

the original tunnel rush game that inspired all the current similar games was made in 2003.

How do you play color tunnel?

se the arrows or AD keys to move from left to right and avoid obstructions.

Tunnel Rush Unblocked similar games

here are 3 similar games to tunnel rush:

  • Play Color Tunnel unblocked: color tunnel is a very similar game to tunnel rush where you guide a small ball through a tunnel and try to crash only into ball with same color.
  • Play Slope 3D unblocked game: Slope 3D game is a space ball game that goes through a journey and avoid falling into darkness.
  • Play Run 3 unblocked game : in this game you will guide a small character ina journey similar to tunnel rush.

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