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Angry Birds unblocked game play online browser
Written by Wayka Mido

Angry Birds unblocked is about wingless birds who attack pigs castles in front of them, each level the you must be resize on your attacks in order to pass the level.

the Angry Birds unblocked was initially released December 2009 by Rovio Entertainment, ak tronic Software & Services GmbH. first on android and IOS then came to other devices and you can even lay it on your pc for free.

Enjoy playing angry birds game:

Angry Birds unblocked FAQ

Can i play angry birds on my pc?

yes you can play angry birds free on your browser.

Can angry birds play online?

yes angry birds can be played online, and offline too if you downloaded the game on your phone.

Is angry birds multiplayer?

the last version of angry birds has the multiplayer feature, and you can even play with your friends if you connect it with your facebook account.

When did angry birds game come out?

angry birds was released on December 2009 .

What angry birds game is the best?

the best version of angry birds game is Angry Birds Legends. but all the releases are worth parlaying as they come with unique graphics and gameplay.

Who made angry birds game?

angry birds was developed by by Rovio Entertainment, ak tronic Software & Services GmbH.

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