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Written by Wayka Mido

Iron Snout Unblocked is a fighting game where you take your piglet character to fight for it’s life against wolves. your weapons is punching, kicking and flipping .also make to jump and dodge axes that your enemies throw at you.

the iron Snout Unblocked has two modes: Wolfieball mode and Classic and Sudden Death mode. the Wolfieball is a 2 player mode and you can play with a friend in this mode.

Iron Snout Unblocked was developed by SnoutUp, Ratalaika Games S.L. and was released on October 17, 2014.

Iron Snout Unblocked FAQ

What is the highest Iron Snout score?

the highest score in Iron Snout is 1033. Here are the 3 highest scores in Iron Snout leaderboard : 1 Rhinne :1033 ,2 mrjonzah 1033, 3 CLARION 85 1033.

Is Iron Snout 2 player?

Yes Iron Snout is a two player mode and two players can play in Wolfieball mode in the game.

Is Iron snout free?

Yes Iron Snout is free and you can play it free online here.

Who made iron snout?

iron snout was made by : SnoutUp and Ratalaika Games S.L.

How to play iron snout

all you have to do is Tap if you’re on mobile or click if you’re on PC to avoid and fight wolves.

How to get lighting up in iron snout?

You have to knock a wolf into it. Usually, crouch, then hit left/right up up to knock a wolf in the air, then left/right again to knock them. They have to hit the lamp. It zaps them for about 3-5 seconds,

How to get shield knock in iron snout?

press down, until you’re in the crouched position facing the shield wolf
press the direction toward the wolf (to perform a knock up)
the shield will go flying

What type of game is iron snout?

Iron Snout is an online  fighting game in which you will be helping a piglet fight for its life against wolves.

Iron Snout similar games

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