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Written by Wayka Mido

Get On Top Unblocked is a two player game where you wrestle your opponent and win the match by slamming them into the floor and get on top.

you can pull or push your opponent also you can shift your weight upward and backward, all by using movement keys : WASD . your mission is to keep your head and back away from the floor.

the Get On Top Unblocked was made by Bennett Foddy intially released as a flash game he released the Sportsfriends Version on January 29, 2020.

Get On Top Unblocked FAQ

How do you play get on top?

In get on top game your goal is to knock your opponent on the floor and keep your head and back away from touching the floor by pulling and pushing your opponent. You can shift your weight backward, forward, and upward.

what are get on top controls?

Press “W” to jump and hit on your friend.
Use key “N” to jump and to hit on you.

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