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Color Tunnel unblocked
Written by Wayka Mido

Color Tunnel unblocked is fast dodging game similar to slope 3D and Run 3 , where you guide a ball through a tunnel and do your best to avoid crashing into different colors than yours and collect diamonds on the way.

the game is and endless game but it’s fun and addictive as you try to score a higher score each time you play. the game will surely test how good your reflexes are and how quick you can adapt to changing space.

Use “A” & “D” to move the ball through the tunnel:

Color Tunnel unblocked FAQ

Where can I play Color Tunnel?

you can play Color Tunnel on your browser or on mobile.

Is there a Color Tunnel 2?

there is a Color Tunnel 2 game but it’s not too different from the first version they are suit similar.

How do you play color tunnel?

Use “A” & “D” to move the ball through the tunnel to move from left to right and avoid obstructions. Stay away from the obstacles that move at varying speeds that can catch you out! 

Who made Color Tunnel?

Color Tunnel was developed by by Royale Gamers..

How to beat color tunnel?

color tunnel is unbeatable game as it’s endless and your goal is to reach higher score each time you play.

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