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Written by Wayka Mido

Run 3 unblocked Run 3 is an endless runner game where you have to run as an alien player through space.

the run 3 unblocked game has two modes :

Explore mode : in this mode you will unlock new areas and maps while adding a level at a time.

endless mode: in this mode you will run endlessly but you have to stay in the tunnel as it will be game over if you fell out of it.

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Run 3 unblocked


What is run 3 game ?

run 3 is a running game where you run as a little alien through spatial tunnel while avoiding to fall into the void.

Where can i play run 3

you can play run 3 online and on android phones or tablet

How many run 3 levels are there

there are two modes on run 3 game and an endless number of levels .

How to play run 3

to play run 3 game all you have to do is control the little alien character using keyboard arrows and navigate through space maps and tunnels.

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