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Written by Wayka Mido

ovo unblocked is a parkour game where you have to run through obstacles using your running skills to avoid obstacles and collect coins and win skins.

in OVO game you have to perfectly time jumping, sliding and diving in order to complete the levels, the controls are easy to learn and once you master how to time each move you will be able to run through levels more easily.

if you enjoy playing playing Ovo unblocked make sure to check big tower tiny square unblocked, whih is another exciting parkour game where you guide a tiny square in a big tower to save his pineapple.

ovo unblocked FAQ

Is OvO a hard game?

Its easy to learn OvO game controls and pass the couple first levels, but you will need to learn how to time the jumps and slides correctly in order to finish harder levels.

What games are unblocked at school?

To check all the unblocked games go to : https://mydailyspins.com/category/unblocked-games/

Who made OvO game?

OvO game was made by Dedra Games and was first released on June 2022.

Where can I play OvO?

You can play Ovo game here on on your android phone.

Ovo game walkthrough

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