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Written by Wayka Mido

bonk.io unblocked is a mltiplayer game where you compete with other players in multiple arcade game to be the last player in the game. To win you have to push other players to the edge.

bonk.io unblocked is a lso a strategy and skill game where you have to measure your position against other players and have quick reflexes.

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bonk.io unblocked


Does Bonk IO still work?

Yes Bonk io still works and many players still play it.

What is the max level for Bonk?

the highest level in Bonk Io is 354.

What is Bong io?

Bong io is a physics game where you compete with 8 players to be the last standing while they try to push you to the edges or to deadly traps .

Who made Bonk io?

Bonk io was made by a developer named as Chaz.

Where can I play Bonk io?

You can play Bonk.io on multiple website online , as on your phone or tablet .

How do you jump in Bonk io?

You can jump using upper arrow, and you can jump even higher when you’re in the air and use down arrow until you hot the ground and press up arrow immediately.

Can you play bonk.io on mobile ?

You can play BonK.io by accessing the same website on your mobile .

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