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Written by Wayka Mido

masked forces unblocked Masked Forces is a 3D FPS game that you can play in your browser and If you enjoy CS:GO or CoD you’re in the right place.

the Masked forces game will test your playing strategy and survival skills as you enter the battlefield to fight with other players and try to be the last standing player.

Before you start playing you will be able to choose your username and character, and as you play and earn cash you will be able to upgrade your custom and weapons

Masked forces unblocked was first released on November 23, 2016 by developers: FreezeNova & R.G.B. SRL .

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masked forces unblocked FAQ

How to play Masked forces ?

• WASD to move • T to chat • R to reload • P to pause • C to crouch • Space to Jump • Left mouse click to fire • Mouse scroll to change weapons

Who made Masked forces game?

Masked forces was developed by FreezeNova & R.G.B. SRL .

when was Masked forces game released?

Masked forces game was released November 23, 2016 as the first FPS game that is played on the browser.

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