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Call Of Ops 2 unblocked game play online browser
Written by Wayka Mido

Call Of Ops 2 unblocked is an FPS game with multiplayer option and great graphics and gameplay. the story of the game is that your character got called to a battle by your leaders and you have to fight against your enemies and try to make it back alive to your family.

in Call Of Ops 2 unblocked you have multiple weapons to choose from, and as you fight you earn money tht will allow you to upgrade those weapons and dominate your enemies.

Call Of Ops 2 unblocked FAQ

when was Call Of Ops 2 released?

Call Of Ops 2 was release on March 2018.

what are all the weapons in Call Of Ops 2?

weapons in Call Of Ops 2 are: machine guns, shotguns, pistols and grenade launchers.

who made Call Of Ops 2?

Call of Ops was made by G55 who also made Counter Craft Lego Clash and Poppy Office Nightmare.

how to play Call Of Ops 2?

here are the controls to use to play Call Of Ops 2 :
WASD – Move. Mouse – Shoot. R – Reload. B – Buy weapons.

Call Of Ops 2 Features

  • easy lag free controls
  • 4 large and well detailed maps to play
  • supports up to 16 players in a room
  • get and upgrade to new weapons by using the earned money

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