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Written by Wayka Mido

Geometry Dash unblocked is rhythm based game where you take a cube in a challenging maze while avoiding all the obstacles in front of you. in Geometry Dash unblocked you have to be quick and have quick reflexes to be able to complete more levels.

Geometry Dash unblocked was released on August 2013 by RobTop Games . the game is very entertaining and will for sure keep you hooked in for hours.

enjoy playing the game:

Geometry Dash unblocked FAQ

Can I play Geometry Dash for free?

Geometry Dash unblocked is free to play online on your browser but if you want to download it on your phone it costsn1.99$ on both android and IOS.

Is Geometry Dash kid friendly?

Geometry Dash is safe for kids and recommended for children of four years and older.

Is there Geometry Dash on PC?

Geometry Dash is available for PC on steam and costs 3.99$ , but also free to play on your browser.

Who made Geometry Dash?

Geometry Dash is developed by RobTop Games and was released on August 2013.

Is Geometry Dash a hard game?

Geometry Dash is fairly an easy game for the first couple levels, but it gets harder as you advance and require more calculated jumps and quick reflexes.

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