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Roblox Magnet Simulator codes

Easy To Copy Roblox Magnet Simulator codes
Written by Wayka Mido

Here is a list of 50+ Magnet Simulator codes that will rewards you free cash, space tokens, Rebirth tokens and Ninja eggs…

These codes might expire at any moment so make sure to claim them as they still available :

Code : Reward

  • doubleyourmoneyagain: Instantly x2 money (requires joining the group = Magnet League).
  • newestupdate: 25 tokens.
  • iloveyouall: 10,000 cash.
  • theusualcash: 25,000 cash.
  • happystpatricks: 2,500 clovers.
  • update27: 50 tokens.
  • christmaspresent: $10,000.
  • doubleyourmoneyREPEAT: Instantly x2 money (requires joining the group = Magnet League).
  • christmascash: $20,000.
  • update26: 50 tokens.
  • doubleyourmoney: t instantly x2 money (requires joining the group = Magnet League).
  • update25cash: $10,000.
  • freemoolah: $5,000.
  • update25: 50 rebirth tokens.
  • morefreecandy: 250 candy.
  • update24: 50 rebirth tokens.
  • evenmorespookymoney: $15,000.
  • morespookymoney: $30,000.
  • freecandy: 250 candy.
  • update23: 100 rebirth tokens
  • halloweencash: $20,000
  • update22: 100 rebirth tokens
  • makeitrain: $7,550
  • update21: 50 rebirth tokens
  • morefreecash: $5,250
  • update20: 150 rebirth tokens
  • update19: 100 rebirth tokens
  • somefreecash: $7,500
  • update18: 500 rebirth tokens
  • UPDATE4: 1 Rebirth
  • B3TA: $2,5B
  • Y0tube: $12,000
  • R3L34S3: $2,500
  • UPDATE5: 25 Rebirth Tokens
  • HAVEFUN: $15,000
  • UPDATE6: 250 Rebirth Tokens
  • grouppet: + Magnet Pet, but you have to join a group (Magnet League)
  • sub2squable: +SquableYT’s Korblox Egg
  • Sub2Telanthric: Not active yet, but try in a few days
  • bigstacks: $15,000
  • sub2snug: + Snugs’ Magma Egg
  • robzi: + Robzi’s Ninja Egg
  • russo: + Russo’s Ninja Egg
  • cookies: + Cookies’ Ninja Egg
  • sub2itsmatty: + Matty’s Magma Egg
  • ica2003yt: + Cookies’ Magma Egg
  • update17: 500 rebirth tokens
  • startermoney: $25,000
  • discordcode: + Golden Dominus Pet
  • freespacetokens: 250 space tokens
  • groupspacetokens: 325 space tokens, but requires Group
  • spaceishere: Hatch Space Egg, but requires Group

How to redeem Magnet Simulator codes

All Roblox magnet simulator codes
All Roblox magnet simulator codes
All codes for magnet simulator
All codes for magnet simulator

How to rebirth in magnet simulator?

Behind the magnet store, that’s where you can rebirth using the Rebirth boards.

How to rebirth in magnet simulator

What is the best pet in magnet simulator?

The current best pet in magnet simulator is Omega Reindeer, with stats of +13700000 Coins Added, +40 Movement Speed and x24375 Coin Multiplier.

where to get tokens in magnet simulator?

Tokens or Rebirth tokens in Magnet Simulator are only obtainable by rebirthing only.

About Magnet Simulator

Magnet Simulator is a Roblox game that was created on July 2019 by serverModule, the game is about collecting coins using a magnet and then using those coins to buy pets and better magnets.

You can follow the official twitter account of the game to get the latest updates, and join discord server of the game to interact with other players.

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