Murder Mystery 3 Codes

In this article you will find all the valid Murder Mystery 3 Codes, that will reward you with free items and game gems.

These codes might expire at any time so make sure to redeem them while they are still valid.

In the article below we listed all the working codes in addition to how to redeem them and also where to find newly released codes by yourself.

What are Murder Mystery 3 Codes?

Murder Mystery 3 Codes are a list of codes given by the developers of the game to help players and encourage them to play the game. the codes are released to celebrate achieving certain game milestones, or simply releasing them after a game update.

Active Murder Mystery 3 Codes

Below you will find an updated list of all working codes for Murder Mystery 3. this list is updated on a regular basis as we add new codes and remove the expired ones.

If you come across any expired codes feel free to let us know in the comments.

Murder Mystery 3 Codes

Here are all the working codes with the rewards of each code:

FLAMEfree Flame Knife
FR33Teal Scythe (NEW)
UPD4T3Fortune Gun and Honor Knife (NEW)
P0T4T0Potato Knife (NEW)
!$LUCKY$!x5 knives (New)
S1LReward (NEW)
LUG3RBlue Luger (NEW)
$!C3LT1C!$Celtic Sword Knife (NEW)
!T3N!10M Knife
INF3RN4LInfernal Axe
INF3RN10Green Soul Knife
M1DN1GHTMidnight Scythe (NEW)
$!BL4Z3$!Dragon’s Blaze Knife (NEW)
LUCK3YLucky Axe (NEW)
$!CR1MS0N!$Crimson Trident (NEW)
D4RK!EDDarksteel Knife (NEW)
H3LH4MM2R3DHell Hammer
!R3D!! Red Venom Knife
P1ZZ4Pizza Sword
PH4R40HPharaoh’s Slayer Knife
!SK311!Skeleton Slasher (NEW)
GH05TGhost Scythe (NEW)
PR1S0N3DBlood Scythe
3DG3DVoid Scythe
!D4G!Dagger of Dimensions
Y3P!Pegasus Pet
N00B3YOof Effect (NEW)
WINTERCandy Spirit Knife (NEW)
S3NSen Knife
TH0RThor’s Hammer
TURK3YTurkey Knife
V3NT3DCyan Deagle
R41NRainbow Set
Murder Mystery 3 codes

How To Redeem Murder Mystery 3 Codes ?

To redeem the codes for Murder Mystery 3 it’s easy and straight forward just follow the steps below:

  • Below menu there is a twitter icon click on it
Murder mystery 3 codes
Murder mystery 3 codes
  • a small bow will open
  • enter the code and hit enter
  • when the code is redeemed you will see it like this:
Murder mystery 3 codes
Murder mystery 3 codes

Just note that the codes are sometimes CASE sensitive so it would be better to copy them from the list above to avoid any mistakes.

Where to find new Murder Mystery 3 codes?

To get new codes for Murder Mystery 3 once they are released you can follow the game developers on their official Roblox Group , and join their Discord server as the codes are announced their first and you will notice players talking about them they are once released.

you can also find the codes on the game description so make sure to give it a look before playing the game.

About Murder Mystery 3

Murder Mystery 3 is a Roblox game released in 4/24/2019 by Physea Studio™ it has 24.2M+ of visits on Roblox.


Now you have everything to know about Murder Mystery 3 codes and the game itself, make sure to let us know in the comments if you have any trouble redeeming any codes.

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