Project: Bursting Rage Codes (3 NEW CODES)

One Piece Bursting Rage Codes
Written by Wayka Mido

In this article you will find all the working Project: Bursting Rage Codes, that will reward you with free items and game gems.

One Piece : Bursting Rage is a game created by “RebornSama” on roblox. It has been released not too long ago and is still under development so expect bugs.

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All Project: Bursting Rage Codes list

Here is a list of all working codes for Project: Bursting Rage with the rewards of each one:

  • !Code 1500likes! – Redeem code for a Stat Points Reset (NEW)
  • !Code 1000likes! – Redeem code for 10,000 Beli (NEW)
  • !Code 500likes! – Redeem code for a Stat Points Reset

Where to find new Project: Bursting Rage codes?

To get new codes for Project: Bursting Rage once they are released make sure to check the top 3 sources below:

Project: Bursting Rage Description

Project: Bursting Rage
Project: Bursting Rage Codes
📢 New Code at 500 Likes CODE ON MY CHANNEL
Current Codes: "SubscribetoCaptainMaui"

👊Join our group for extra rewards:!/about
🧠Feeling LOST? Join the Dsrd server (down below) for the trello and game information.
🍈Current fruits: Flame, Phoenix, Gravity, Smoke, Chop, Sand, Dark, Paw, Magma

❓ General Info:
     • Max Level: 500
     • Fruits and books spawn every 30-60 minutes (and despawn every 
       30 minutes)
     • Legendary weapons have a 0.66% chance to be found in chests
     • Humans(70%), Skypiean(10%), Fishman(10%), Mink(10%)
     • Fighting styles are Combat and Black Leg

RebornNebula, RebornSauce, HolySnow, LordAhdes, Kounzo(GFX)

🔊Sounds are sourced from a majority of open libraries and our sound designers. These can be removed upon legitimate request.🔊

One Piece Bursting Rage Trello

Here is the trello board for the game: . you can also join their discord server if you have any suggestion for the developers.

Project: Bursting Rage is a Roblox game released on 2021 by RebornSama it has 160K+ of visits on Roblox.

For more codes and free Stuff check the Roblox codes list.

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