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Roblox Grand Piece Online update 3

roblox grand piece online update 3
Written by Wayka Mido

Here is the new Grand piece online UPDATE 3, this update was released on April 20.

Updated stats:

  • NEW LVL CAP: 325
  • NEW BOUNTY CAP: 50,000
  • NEW GAME MODE Dungeon Mode
  • 100% fruit drop at wave 25+ but it will only give to the MVP of the game (the person that does the most damage)
  • Skips the entire common fruit tier at wave 50+
  • Rewards EXP based on damage

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Grand Piece Online Codes

  • 205KLIKESRACEREROLLS: 2 race rerolls (NEW).
  • 200k2XRACEREROLL: 2 Race rerolls. 

Newly releases in grand piece online update 3

these are the new thing of update 3 of Grand piece online


  • Marine ford        
  • Elo’s Island [event]


  • Learn from the trainer named Puff
  • Puff has voice lines


Sea Beasts

  • Only spawns in rough water
  • Rough water has a chance to become a thunderstorm
  • Captain Zhen
  • Last boss for the first sea
  • Flame Admiral Zeke


  • Slayer’s Mask
  • Red
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Orange
  • Sea Beast Armour
  • Red
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Orange
  • Lantern of Hope
  • Flame Scarf
  • Ice Necklace
  • Seabeast Katana
  • Sea Serpents Core
  • Captain Zhen’s Cape
  • The logo on the back gets changed to your crew logo if your in a crew
  • Marine captains cape
  • Bisento
  • Fire Essence
  • Scorched Heart
  • A heart that’s forged from burn damage that the user takes


  • Elo’s Egg [ROBUX/DROP]
  • Rainbow Egg [ROBUX/DROP]
  • Pink Egg
  • Golden Egg
  • Mini bunny Egg [ROBUX/DROP]
  • Egg of wonder


  • Gura

BALANCE PATCH: (we forgot some)


  • Light Ray nerfed


  • Magu Hound no longer block breaks
  • Magu hound damage buffed


  • Pull range nerfed
  • Gravity Frenzy pull range nerfed


  • Love Charm nerfed but more damage
  • Added endlag on Love Wave


  • Healing nerfed
  • Stamina drain is now % of max stamina


  • You can now use moves while flying


  • Burn damage scaling nerfed
  • Golden Staff nerfed
  • Added endlag on Golden Staff rapid hit moves
  • Black Leg coiler will not stun if target is not on ground
  • Added endlag on Electro Dash
  • Flash Freeze nerf
  • Trident Impale block breaks on first hit and bleed damage nerfed


  • You can now hold F mid combo to block immediately after your unstunned
  • Inventory now shows buffs from equipped items
  • Added auto equip items in your inventory
  • If you have fishman karate and your not a fishman your fighting style gets reset to the default combat
  • Added the new pick up prompt press alt to pick up items
  • New sounds for magma fist and hound

Coming update:

-The trading update will come in update 3.5

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