Roblox YBA Requiem Arrow Ultimate Guide

Roblox YBA Requiem Arrow
Written by Wayka Mido

YBA Requiem Arrow help you advance four Stands to to evolve into a Requiem Stand.

YBA Requiem Arrow Requirements

The Requiem Arrow when used, unlocks the hidden potential within your stand.

  • You Can get it by doing the Prestige Master Will quest from the Steel Ball Run map.
  • Like normal arrows, it requires worthiness to work and has a chance to fail if you don’t have enough. I recommended you have Worthiness V.
  • You need to be Prestige I to use it.

YBA Requiem Stands

YBA Requiem Arrow advances the following stands:

  • Star Platinum to Star Platinum: The World
  • Killer Queen to Killer Queen: Bites The Dust
  • Gold Experience to Gold Experience Requiem
  • Silver Chariot to Chariot Requiem

if you use the YBA Requiem Arrow on a stand that can not evolve to a Requiem, the arrow it will say:

“The arrow does not respond.”


How do you get Requiem arrows in YBA?

you can get Requiem arrows in YBA by completing the Requiem Arrow Quests which are the Isabelle The Arrowsmith Quest & Prestige Master Will(SBR Version) Quest.

What does Requiem arrow do in YBA?

the Requiem arrow helps you advance the Four stands to their highest potential

Requiem Arrow Quests

Here is how to get a Requiem Arrow:
In Steel Ball Run, you can take a quest from an NPC called Prestige Master Will on the SBR map to take a quest
To complete this quest you have to :

  • get it from Prestige Master Will(SBR Version),
  • win the Steel Ball Run,
  • get $7,500 and a Mysterious Arrow,
  • and then talk to Isabelle The Arrowsmith.

Isabelle is a key Quest NPC for acquiring a Requiem Arrow.

Isabelle The Arrowsmith Quest

When normal people speak to Isabelle, she will respond with the dialogue:

  • “Hello. :D”

However, if you talk to her after having finished the Requiem Arrow quest given by Prestige Master Will(SBR Version), you can trade a Mysterious Arrow and $7,500 for a Requiem Arrow from her.

The following is dialogue you will have with Isabelle after having done all that.

  • “Hi?”
  • “Hey! Will sent me to you.”
  • “Ah, for this wacky arrow?”
  • “Yes, I believe so. He said you had the mystical arrow for me.”
  • “Heh… I was kidding about it being wacky. I don’t think you have what it takes to withstand the arrow’s true power.”
  • “If I didn’t why would the one and only Prestige Master Will send me?”
  • “You’ve got a point.. But did you really think I’d just give this away? I’ll need a mysterious arrow and $7,500 in exchange.”

After meeting the requirements you will now have a Requiem Arrow.

Prestige Master Will(SBR Version) Quest

This Steel Ball Run Version of Prestige Master Will is how you start the quest of getting a Requiem Arrow.

You can find this NPC to the right of the SBR spawns next to 3 tents.

When speaking to Prestige Master Will(SBR Version) he will say the following:

  • “You’ve come a long way since I first met you.”
    “Thanks for your teachings, sensei, I’ve reached prestige 3.”
  • “Anyways I’ve seemed to have gotten my hands on quite the reward”
  • “You’re here to race in the steel ball run too right? Win it and I’ll reveal what I have obtained”
    “Understood, sensei.”
  • “Don’t disappoint me.”

When speaking to Prestige Master Will(SBR Version) while you’re already holding a Requiem Arrow he will say the following:

  • “So you’ve gotten the arrow, huh? Remember, it holds a great power that’s only for the worthy.”


You may be able to hold up to 5 requiem arrows, though it may be impossible to acquire that many requiem arrows in the first place.

Here is a video Explaining how to get requiem arrows

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