Sleeping Simulator codes

Sleeping Simulator codes
Written by Wayka Mido

These are Sleeping Simulator codes that have been shared by the game developer publicly:

  • update2: 5 minutes of Tired boost.
  • 500kvisits: 15 minutes of Auto Sleep, x2 Sleeps, and x2 Dreams.

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How to redeem Sleeping Simulator codes?

To redeem the codes for sleeping simulator it’s quite easy just click on the twitter icon on left side then a screen will pop up where you can redeem the codes:

Sleeping Simulator codes
Sleeping Simulator codes

Where to find Sleeping Simulator codes?

to get the latest codes for sleeping simulator follow these instructions:

  • Join the official Discord Server where you can interact with the game owner and other players and also see new codes once they are available
  • Follow the game developer on Twitter as he shares codes on his feed like you can see below:
twitter Sleeping Simulator codes
twitter Sleeping Simulator codes
  • If you didn’t notice this yet there an In game board where all the working codes for sleeping simulator are written, make sute to check it once a while and redeem new codes:
Sleeping Simulator codes in game
Sleeping Simulator codes in game

About Sleeping Simulator game

Sleeping Simulator is a Roblox game that’s getting popular lately and it just hit 1 Million visits, the Principe of the game is to sleep as it’s name suggests, the more you sleep the higher you level and more items you get.

Do you like sleeping in Sleeping Simulator ? zzzzz share your opinion with us in the comments.

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