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Roblox Texting Simulator codes

Roblox Texting Simulator codes
Written by Wayka Mido

These new Texting Simulator codes will rewards you extra money, diamonds and Bitoneum. redeem these codes while they are still valid,

we will make sure to update these codes regularly and once new codes are available:

  • APRILSURPRISE: 100 diamonds, 1000 money and also 85 Bitoneum.
  • FREEEGG: 500 diamonds.
  • ephonepro: 1,000 cash.
  • Spookytime: 1,000 cash also.
  • HACKER: 250 diamonds and also 500 cash.
  • beatsheadphones: 250 diamonds and also 500 cash.
  • 100K: 100 diamonds and also 1,000 cash.
  • gamingstation: 1,000 cash.
  • rainbowpods: 250 diamonds, 500 cash and also 50 coins.
  • GrinningEmoji: 1,000 cash.
  • TextingLord: 1,000 cash.
  • Emoji: 1,000 cash.
  • SoreThumbs: 1,000 cash.
  • Wireless: 250 diamonds, 500 cash and also 50 coins.
  • Air: 250 diamonds, 500 cash and also 50 coins also.
  • pods: 250 diamonds, 500 cash and also 50 coins.
  • Texter:
  • SpecialSurprise:
  • GamePage:
  • YoureBeingWatched!:
  • RickyTheFishy: 10 diamonds and also 100,000 cash.
  • LovelyHearts: 50 diamonds and also 2,500 cash.
  • beatsheadphones: 250 diamonds, 2,000 cash, and also 50 coins.
  • OnTheGram: 250 diamonds, 1,000 cash, and also 50 coins.
  • instagram: 250 diamonds, 500 cash, and also 50 coins.

How to Redeem Texting Simulator codes

to redeem the codes for Texting Simulator click on the heart button on the left the a screen like the one below will appear, past your code on the blank area and click on redeem.

Roblox Texting Simulator codes
Roblox Texting Simulator codes

Texting Simulator nasa code

The Nasa code in Texting Simulator is also called the alien code or Top secret code, the code is : YoureBeingWatched!

How to get Bitoneum in Texting simulator?

You can get Bitoneum in Texting Simulator by claiming codes like: 100K, APRILSURPRISE, or beatsheadphones. you can also get Bitoneum by hacking into ATMs and computers around the map each device will get you either 25 or 50 Bitoneum.

How to Get Alien 3X laptop in Texting Simulator?

  1. go to the NASA building
  2. buy entrance that costs 500,000 money
  3. redeem the code YoureBeingWatched! (The capitalization and “!” is very important otherwise the code won’t work)
  4. it should say “true” but if there is an error on the capitalization or the “!” it will say “false”.
  5. The reward is an alien 3X laptop that sends 18,000 texts per click.

About Texting Simulator

Texting Simulator is a Roblox game that’s developed by Kasius, it was created November 2018, and it got more than 160 million visit. the goal of the game is to send texts and earn money and upgrade your devices and pets.

you can follow the official twitter account for the game to get the latest updates and codes.

Other Roblox Codes

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Roblox Texting Simulator codes

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