Roblox Weapon Fighting Simulator Codes (27 Working CODES)

Weapon Fighting Simulator Codes
Written by Wayka Mido

In this article you will find all the working Weapon Fighting Simulator Codes, that will reward you with free items and game gems.

Weapon Fighting Simulator is a Roblox game released on 2022 by Lightning Dragon Studio it has 600K+ of visits on Roblox.

The goal of the game is to fight against enemies with artifacts, spells and become the strongest martial fighter of all times!

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All Weapon Fighting Simulator Codes list

Here is a list of all working codes for Weapon Fighting Simulator with the rewards of each one:

  1. likes10000—Redeem for boost
  2. likes5k—Redeem for boost
  3. WFS—Redeem for boost
  4. map13 – free boosts (new!)
  5. map12 – free boosts
  6. hardmode –  free boosts
  7. Likes200K –  free boosts
  8. LIKES200K – multiple free boosts
  9. compensation – multiple free boosts
  10. defense – multiple free boosts
  11. easter – free boosts
  12. likes180k – two spirit boosts and qi boosts
  13. map11 – two spirit boosts and luck boosts
  14. jade – multiple free boosts
  15. lk160k – multiple free boosts
  16. map10 – two damage boosts and spell boosts
  17. wheel – two qi boosts and luck boosts
  18. likes_140k – free boosts
  19. map9 – free boosts
  20. likes120k – free boosts
  21. tower – free boosts
  22. map8 – free boost
  23. likes100k – two 20 minute qi boosts and two 20 minute spirit stone boosts
  24. trade – free boosts
  25. enchant – free boosts
  26. likes75k – lucky boost
  27. world6 – damage boost and qi boost
Weapon Fighting Simulator Codes
Weapon Fighting Simulator Codes

Where to find new Weapon Fighting Simulator codes?

To get new codes for Weapon Fighting Simulator once they are released make sure to check the top 2 sources below:

Weapon Fighting Simulator Description

🥋 Welcome to Weapon Fighting Simulator 🥋
Weapon Fighting Simulator is a simulator game where you fight against enemies with artifacts, spells and become the strongest martial fighter of all times!

🗡️ - Unlock new and powerful artifacts!
🧙‍♂️ - Unlock new spells to aid you in battle!
🗺️ - Discover new worlds with different enemies!

📋 Update [1.1]:
- Spells are automatically casted in Boss dungeons.
- Reduced the difficulty of some bosses.
- Fixed bug where "Tidal Wave" damage was too high.
- Added option to enable/disable auto-cast spells.
- Added automatic artifact lock setting.
- Added option to disable spell effects from other players.

🌐 - Join the Lightning Dragon Studios group for a free "Fan" Nametag above your name!
👍 -  Thumbs up and favorite for more updates!

💎 RELEASE CODES: weaponfighting, welcome, goodluck, happyday
👍 1.5K LIKES CODE: likes1500

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