9 Sonic Roblox Games that you should play

Sonic Roblox
Written by Wayka Mido

in this post we list top popular Sonic games on roblox, from the top and most played to the ones inspired by the movie landscapes and the meme one. they are all nice to play,

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make sure to check them all and tell us which one you liked the most:

Sonic Speed Simulator

Sonic Roblox
Sonic Roblox

Sonic Speed Simulator an adventure roblox game released 2022 and it already reached above 300+ Million The goal of the game:

πŸ‘Ÿ GET FAST by running to LEVEL UP
🏁 RACE against other players to EARN REWARDS
πŸ”“ UNLOCK NEW WORLDS and go on an incredible adventure
🐢 COLLECT CHAO to increase your stats and collection
πŸ‘“ EARN SONIC CHARACTER SKINS to show off to your friends

Sonic Tycoon

Sonic roblox games
Sonic roblox games

the goal Sonic Tycoon to become your favorite Sonic Characters, and build up and upgrade your base to fight against the other characters! Play as Sonic, Shadow, Silver, Knuckles, Tails, and more!

Sonic Tycoon is an adventure Roblox game made by Tycoon Empire! it was released on 2020 and it has 60M+ visits on Roblox.

PolySonic RP

sonic roblox
sonic roblox

PolySonic RP is a roleplaying game that allows you to play as characters from the Sonic The Hedgehog series or create your own OC using the character creator!

  • Play as your favourite character
  • Create and play as your original characters
  • Roleplay with others and make friends
  • Explore the map and uncover secrets
  • Plus much more!

Roblox is an RPG released in 2020 and it has 33M visits on roblox.

Sonic.EXE RP

roblox sonic
roblox sonic

in Sonic.exe RP! Explore different zones, make friends and more! YOUR story, YOUR rules.

Sonic.EXE RP in an adventure Roblox game released on 2020 and it has 40M+ .

Classic Sonic Simulator V10

Classic Sonic Simulator V10 was released on 2013 and it has over 66 million visits on Roblox.

Sonic Infinity DX

 Sonic Infinity DX

Sonic Infinity DX was released in 2021 and it has over 13 million visits on Roblox, it another Sonic roblox game that worth playing.

Sonic UltraΒ 

sonic ultra sonic roblox

This is another Sonic game on Roblox that you might want to check out, it was released in 2021 and it’s a roleplay based game. it has over 9 million visits and it still have active users playing it daily .

Sonic Movie Experience

Sonic Movie experience is one of the famous sonic games on roblox it was released back in 2021, and it has over 20 Million visits on Roblox, also it still gets thousands of players on daily basis.

you should definitely check this game if you want to experience to be inside a sonic movie.

Sanic Chase

this is another Sonic game on Roblox even the name says Sanic as it’s inspired by the Sanic meme that was made on March 31, 2010. He was created by a user named 0nyxheart.

in this game you will be shased by Sanic on different kind of maps so make sure to make your way out.

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