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Where You Can Find #1Cheap Roblox accounts for sale?

Roblox accounts for sale
Written by Wayka Mido

If you are looking Roblox accounts for sale then you came to the right place as we will list the top source for you to find trusted sellers of roblox accounts.

but first !

Why people buy Roblox accounts ?

Roblox players buy roblox accounts for all sort of reasons, sometime because the account has reached a certain level in a game they like, or the avatar has some rare item that isn’t sold anywhere , or simply because the account is old or has a lot of Robux in it.

Where you can find Roblox Accounts for sale ?

because Roblox doesn’t have a marketplace for people who want to sell or buy accounts, there are a lot of alternative sources to buy accounts. but you have to be careful and choose wisely where to buy to avoid getting scammed.


there are a lot of Roblox account sellers on Discord , but again you have to negotiate well and ask the seller of proof of owning that account. also ask about the payment methods they provide.

some sellers ask for gift cards , other get payed in crypto currencies and other sellers prefer paypal.

here are some sellers you can contact right away :

  • VENOMX#9938
  • HelpCreator#0001

These are some sellers who sell in bulk and you can find accounts from 5$ up to 30$.

eldorado is a marketplace for gamers where you can Buy & Sell game currencies, items, accounts and boosting services. and of course there is Roblox accounts for sale available there, starting from 2$ and up to 300$ .

PS: you can also use the side to sell your account if you’re interested in that.

playerauctions is another a digital marketplace that connects buyers and sellers of gaming products.

and of course there are players who sell all kind of roblox accounts, the price there starts from 9$.

g2g is another market place for gamers to exchange games items, buy and sell accounts … roblox accounts in ths market place starts from 3$ and the recommended price is about 69$.


Lastly you can find accounts from ebay but there isn’t a huge quantity of seller to choose from

Notes Before You Buy !

in all marketplace make sure to check the sellers rating , and reviews also check if he has proof of owning the account. also make sure to secure your account once you receive it in case the account is sold to someone else and he beats you into changing the user details.

Roblox accounts for sale
Roblox accounts for sale


Can you buy accounts on Roblox?

Roblox accounts are sold outside the roblox website, because it’s against the term of service to sell or buy roblox assets .

Is it possible to sell your Roblox account?

yes it’s possible to sell your account especially if you have some rare items in it or some robux money in it.

How much your Roblox account is worth?

The price of a roblox account depends on how old the account is, and also if it has any rare items or robux in it. also if it has advanced in a very difficult game.

Is it against Roblox ToS to sell accounts?

Yes, Roblox forbids selling or buying accounts or even robux or in game items outside roblox.

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