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Flee The Facility value list

Flee The Facility value list
Written by Wayka Mido

Flee The Facility value list will help you know the value of your item before trading. the list will be occasionally updated by us but also based on visitors suggestions.

Feel free to reach out to Mydailyspins on Roblox regarding any suggestions or updates of this list.

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How to Read the Value of items?

This is your guide to read the info in the tables below:

  • 🎉- Flee The Facility exclusive items. They are only available for a certain amount of time and tend to have a high rarity, value and demand.
  • 🎃- Halloween items. They are available only in the Halloween Updates. Above average rarity but a high value and demand.
  • 🎄- Christmas items. They are available only in the Christmas Updates. Above average rarity but a high value and demand.
  • 🍀 – Saint Patricks Day items. Only two items however still pretty rare. Above average rarity but a high value and demand.
  • 👑- Robux items. These items can be bought by donating or buying the VIP gamepass. Above average rarity, value, demand.
  • Items with no emojis are permanent items that won’t be removed from the game. Low – average rarity, value and demand.
  • Rarity : Rarity depends on how exclusive or how hard it is to obtain the item. The higher the percentage, the higher it is to obtain.
  • Value : Value depends how worth your item is. The higher the value of the item the better is the item going to be.
  • Demand : Demand explains how much your item is wanted by other people. The more stars your item has the more wanted it is.

Flee The Facility value list : Common Hammers/Gemstones

These are Common items with 0 to 10% rarity

Concrete (H)1%1x common
Sky Pixel (H)2%1x common
Ruby Pixel (H)2%1x common
Caution (H)1%1x common
Stone (H)1%1x common
Lincoln Log (H)1%1x common
Pink and Purple (H)1%1x common
Blue and Orange (H)1%1x common
Hot Pink (H)2%1x common
Ocean Blue (H)1%1x common
Forest Camo (H)1.00%1x common
Desert Camo (H)1.00%1x common
Bio Core (H) 🎉5%2x common
Heat Core (H) 🎉5%☆☆2x common
Plasma Core (H) 🎉5%☆☆2x common
Ice Core (H) 🎉5%☆☆2x common
Neon Black (H) 🎃4%☆☆2x common
Neon Pink (H) 🎃4%☆☆2x common
Neon Orange (H) 🎃4%☆☆2x common
Neon Green (H) 🎃4%☆☆2x common
Pumpkin (H) 🎃2.50%1x common
Black and White (H) 🎃0.50%1x common
Midnight Pumpkin (H) 🎃2.50%1-2x common
Ghost (H) 🎃8%☆☆☆☆4x common
White Knitted (H) 🎄3%1-2x common
Green Knitted (H) 🎄3%1-2x common
Red Knitted (H) 🎄3%1-2x common
Frosty's Mallet (H) 🎄2.50%1x common
Ice (H) 🎄1.50%1x common
Snow Pile (H) 🎄1.50%1x common
Elf's Mallet (H) 🎄4%☆☆2x common
Santa's Mallet (H) 🎄4%☆☆2x common
Pink (G)1%1x common
Brown (G)1%1x common
Magenta (G)1%1x common
Orange (G)1%1x common
Yellow (G)1%1x common
Green (G)1%1x common
Cyan (G)1%1x common
Blue (G)1%1x common
White (G)1%1x common
Black (G)1%1x common
Blue Sand (G)1.50%1x common
Pink Sand (G)1.50%1x common
Rusty Red (G)1.50%1x common
Blue Moon (G)1.50%1x common
Data Chip (G) 🎉4%☆☆2x common
Cyber Circuit (G) 🎉4%☆☆2x common
Heat Core (G) 🎉4%☆☆2x common
Galaxy Clouds (G) 🎉10%☆☆☆3x common
Monster Scars (G) 🎃3%1-2x common
Bewitched (G) 🎃2.50%1x common
Nightmare Coal (G) 🎃1.50%1x common
Ghost (G) 🎃8%☆☆☆☆4x common
Pumpkin Star (G) 🎃6%☆☆☆3x common
Dark Star (G) 🎃8%☆☆☆3x common
Toxic (G) 🎃8%☆☆☆☆4x common
Reptile (G) 🎃4%☆☆2x common
Yule Log (G) 🎄1.50%1x common
Wreath (G) 🎄1.50%1x common
Chimney (G) 🎄1.50%1x common
Snow (G) 🎄1.50%1x common
Iceberg (G) 🎄2%1x common
Midnight Snow (G) 🎄3%1-2x common
Winter Dusk (G) 🎄3%1-2x common
Rudolph's Nose (G) 🎄3%1-2x common

Flee The Facility value list: Rare Hammers/Gemstones

these are the Rare Hammers and Gemstones with 11 to 30% rarity

Bluesteel (H)15%1x rare
Omega Rainbow (H)16%1x rare
Strange Element (H)15%1x rare
Wanwood (H)15%1x rare
Viridian (H)15%1x rare
Blank (H)15%1x rare
Moo Moo (H)20%☆☆2-3x rare
Chocolate Moo (H)20%☆☆2-3x rare
Strawberry Moo (H)20%☆☆2-3x rare
Xeno (H) 🎉25%☆☆☆3x rare
Nebula (H) 🎉25%☆☆☆3x rare
Galaxy Clouds (H) 🎉30%☆☆☆3x rare
Nightmare Shadow (H) 🎃18%☆☆2x rare
Reptile Skin (H) 🎃18%☆☆2x rare
Ghostly Night (H) 🎃16%1x rare
Velvet Webs (H) 🎃16%1x rare
Party Skulls (H) 🎃16%1x rare
Lil' Devil (H) 🎃25%☆☆☆☆4x rare
Peppermint (H) 🎄18%☆☆1-2x rare
Snowing (H) 🎄20%☆☆☆2-3x rare
Packed Snow (H) 🎄13%1x rare
Snowy Night Wrap (H) 🎄13%1x rare
Festive Dots Wrap (H) 🎄13%1x rare
Red Star Wrap (H) 🎄15%1x rare
Blank (G)15%1x rare
Pyramid (G)15%1x rare
Stone (G)15%1x rare
Magma (G)15%1x rare
Reflective (G)15%1x rare
Moon (G)15%1x rare
Moo Moo (G)20%☆☆2-3x rare
Chocolate Moo (G)20%☆☆2-3x rare
Strawberry Moo (G)30%☆☆2-3x rare
Xeno (G) 🎉22%☆☆☆3x rare
Biotech (G) 🎉22%☆☆☆3x rare
Stratis (G) 🎉22%☆☆☆3x rare
Pumpkin Sky (G) 🎃16%1x rare
Lil' Spooky (G) 🎃25%☆☆☆☆4x rare
Midnight Sky (G) 🎃16%1x rare
Mystical Night (G) 🎃18%☆☆2x rare
Emerald Sky (G) 🎃18%☆☆2x rare
Dark Moon (G) 🎃20%☆☆☆2-3x rare
Present (G) 🎄18%☆☆2-3x rare
Candy Cane (G) 🎄15%☆☆2x rare
Winter Sky (G) 🎄15%☆☆2x rare
Festive Lights (G) 🎄12%1x rare
Ornament Wrap (G) 🎄12%1x rare
Lil' Frosty (G) 🎄17%☆☆☆3x rare

Flee The Facility value list: Epic Hammers/Gemstones

These are Epic Hammers and Gemstones and they are 31 to 60% rare.

Redcliff (H)30%1x epic
Cave Spider (H)30%1x epic
Blue Squeaky (H)37%☆☆1-2x epic
Red Squeaky (H)37%☆☆1-2x epic
Stars & Stripes (H)39%☆☆1-2x epic
8 Ball (H)39%☆☆1-2x epic
Cash (H) 👑35%☆☆1-2x epic
Corruption (H) 🎉42%☆☆☆2-3x epic
Stratis (H) 🎉42%☆☆☆2-3x epic
Candy Corn (H) 🎃45%☆☆☆☆4x epic
Chocolate Treats (H) 🎃40%☆☆☆2-3x epic
Monster Blood (H) 🎃42%☆☆☆☆3x epic
Demon Blood (H) 🎃42%☆☆☆☆3x epic
Gingerbread (H) 🎄40%☆☆☆3x epic
Sweet Present (H) 🎄40%☆☆☆2-3x epic
Fruitcake (H) 🎄38%☆☆2x epic
Holly Berry (H) 🎄38%☆☆2x epic
Sunset (G)32%1x epic
Hot Miami (G)32%1x epic
Rainbow (G)34%1x epic
Light Shadows (G)30%1x epic
Ladybug (G)34%☆☆1-2x epic
Busy Bee (G)33%☆☆1-2x epic
Celestial (G) 🎉45%☆☆☆2-3x epic
Nebula (G) 🎉45%☆☆☆2-3x epic
Candy Corn (G) 🎃45%☆☆☆☆4x epic
Chocolate Treats (G) 🎃40%☆☆☆2-3x epic
Bloodshot (G) 🎃48%☆☆☆☆4-5x epic
Monster Eye (G) 🎃48%☆☆☆☆4-5x epic
Rudolph (G) 🎄45%☆☆☆3-4x epic
Snowing (G) 🎄45%☆☆☆3-4x epic
Peppermint (G) 🎄45%☆☆☆☆3-4x epic
Green peppermint (G) 🎄40%☆☆☆2-3x epic
Cash (G) 👑35%☆☆2x epic

Flee The Facility value list: Legendary Hammers/Gemstones

these are the Legendary: 61 to 100% rarity

Nuclear Waste (H)35%☆☆1x Legendary
Smash Bros (H)35%☆☆1x Legendary
S'mores (H)45%☆☆2x Legendary
Classic (H) 🎉60%☆☆☆7x Legendary
2nd anniversary (H) 🎉90%☆☆☆☆☆18x Legendary
1 Billion (H) 🎉88%☆☆☆15x Legendary
Mothership (H) 🎉60%☆☆6x Legendary
3rd anniversary (H) 🎉65%☆☆☆5x Legendary
Coffin (H) 🎃53%☆☆☆2x Legendary
Light Bone Crusher (H) 🎃78%☆☆☆☆11x Legendary
Dark Bone Crusher (H) 🎃90%☆☆☆☆☆20x Legendary
Dave Pumpkins (H) 🎃68%☆☆☆10x Legendary
Tombstone Bash (H) 🎃66%☆☆☆8x Legendary
Pumpkin Slice (H) 🎃90%☆☆☆☆☆21x Legendary
Snowman (H) 🎄67%☆☆☆6x Legendary
2019 (H) 🎄95%☆☆☆☆☆25x Legendary
Blue Nutcracker (H) 🎄76%☆☆☆☆11x Legendary
Red Nutcracker (H) 🎄84%☆☆☆☆☆15x Legendary
2020 (H) 🎄87%☆☆☆☆17x Legendary
Toy Elf (H) 🎄77%☆☆☆☆12x Legendary
Toy Santa (H) 🎄85%☆☆☆☆☆14x Legendary
Lucky Top Hat (H) 🍀81%☆☆☆☆15x Legendary
Vip Ban Hammer (H) 👑63%☆☆☆5x Legendary
Doge (G)55%☆☆1x Legendary
1337 MLG Pro (G)57%☆☆1x Legendary
OOF (G)58%☆☆3x Legendary
Classic (G) 🎉54%☆☆3x Legendary
2nd anniversary (G) 🎉85%☆☆☆☆18x Legendary
1 Billion (G) 🎉80%☆☆☆15x Legendary
Alien (G) 🎉60%☆☆8x Legendary
3rd anniversary (G) 🎉65%☆☆☆5x Legendary
Pumpkin Jack (G) 🎃69%☆☆☆☆8x Legendary
Light Skull (G) 🎃76%☆☆☆☆12x Legendary
Dark Skull (G) 🎃88%☆☆☆☆☆20x Legendary
Dave Pumpkins (G) 🎃69%☆☆☆10x Legendary
Light Ghost (G) 🎃67%☆☆☆9x Legendary
Dark Ghost (G) 🎃87%☆☆☆☆☆21x Legendary
Snowflake (G) 🎄70%☆☆☆☆12x Legendary
2019 (G) 🎄95%☆☆☆☆☆25x Legendary
Silver Star (G) 🎄74%☆☆☆☆12x Legendary
Golden Star (G) 🎄82%☆☆☆☆☆15x Legendary
2020 (G) 🎄87%☆☆☆☆17x Legendary
Frosty Tree (G) 🎄74%☆☆☆☆14x Legendary
Festive Tree (G) 🎄85%☆☆☆☆☆16x Legendary
Lucky Shamrock (G) 🍀80%☆☆☆☆15x Legendary
VIP (G) 👑63%☆☆☆5x Legendary
Witch hunter 🎃77%☆☆☆☆12x Legendary
Alchemist hunter 🎃75%☆☆☆☆12x Legendary
Warlock hunter 🎃72%☆☆☆☆12x Legendary
Witch Eye 🎃70%☆☆☆☆10x Legendary
Alchemist Eye 🎃70%☆☆☆☆10x Legendary
Warlock Eye 🎃70%☆☆☆☆10x Legendary
Spooky Brew 🎃95%☆☆☆☆☆20x Legendary
Spooky Candy 🎃90%☆☆☆☆☆20x Legendary
Lil Tree 🎄65%☆☆☆8x Legendary
Lil Present 🎄63%☆☆☆7x Legendary
2021 (H) 🎄70%☆☆☆☆12x Legendary
2021 (G) 🎄70%☆☆☆☆11x Legendary
Santa Chimney 🎄85%☆☆☆17x Legendary
Merry Wreath 🎄80%☆☆☆14x Legendary
Krampus Chimney 🎄65%☆☆9x Legendary
Dark Wreath 🎄63%☆☆9x Legendary


  • (Made by: Endi, DatIronGolem21/MegaSlasher 465/Sonic, Tundraskull10)


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In addition You can see Flee The Facility Hammer and Gemstone Showcase! in this game

Flee The Facility value list

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