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What is a Pink Cat Worth in Adopt Me

What is a Pink Cat Worth : Complete Guide and Value
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Interested in What is a Pink Cat Worth in Adopt Me? Explore its value and how it fits into the trading world of Adopt Me. Stay updated with ongoing trades and the latest trends to make informed decisions in your virtual pet adventures.

What is a Pink Cat worth in Adopt Me?

The Pink Cat in Adopt Me is an Uncommon Pet, obtainable exclusively from the Pink Egg. Determining the value of the Pink Cat is based on current trends in the Adopt Me trading community.

Understanding the Pink Cat:

OriginPink Egg
Comparable ItemsHeart Potion, Pink
Neon Snowboard
Dream Pet138 users currently dream
of owning the Pink Cat

What is a Pink Cat worth and rarity in Adopt Me?

The Pink Cat holds value and rarity, being more valuable than the Heart Potion and less than the Lava Dragon in the Adopt Me trading world. Approximately 118 regular Pink Cat offers, 56 Neon Pink Cat offers, and 49 Mega Neon Pink Cat offers are currently active on

What is a Pink Cat Recent Trades in Adopt Me?

Recent trades reveal active exchanges, showing various combinations and preferences among traders, including Neon and Mega Neon versions.

Here are some recent trades as a reference:

Recent TradesAccepted OfferWhen
Regular (R) traded for Regular (R)Regular (R) traded for Regular (R)1 day ago
Neon Full-Grown (NFR) traded for Neon Full-Grown (NFR)Neon Full-Grown (NFR) traded for Neon Full-Grown (NFR)2 days ago
Regular (R) traded for Regular (R)Regular (R) traded for Regular (R)4 days ago

Dream Pet and Popularity:

A significant number of users have the Pink Cat listed as their dream pet. Approximately 138 users currently aspire to have the Pink Cat as their cherished pet. It’s essential to log in to express your choice of dream pets.


The Pink Cat, originating from the Pink Egg, continues to be a desirable pet in the virtual world of Adopt Me. Its relative value lies between Uncommon and Rare counterparts, showcasing a healthy trading demand.

For up-to-date value estimations and a better understanding of the Pink Cat’s market presence, exploring active trades and observing the ongoing trend on is recommended.

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