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What Is A Unicorn Worth In Adopt Me: Complete Guide

What Is A Unicorn Worth In Adopt Me
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Interested in What Is A Unicorn Worth In Adopt Me? Explore its value and how it fits into the trading world of Adopt Me. Stay updated with ongoing trades and the latest trends to make informed decisions in your virtual pet adventures.

What Is A Unicorn Worth In Adopt Me?

The Unicorn is a legendary pet that was obtainable from the Retired Egg. It’s valued at different levels and ranks based on trade activities.

OriginRetired Egg

How To Get A Unicorn In Adopt Me?

2.1 Getting A Unicorn From Hatching in Adopt Me

A Unicorn can be obtained by hatching eggs in the Farm area. The likelihood of obtaining a Unicorn is subject to chance during the hatching process.

2.2 Getting A Unicorn From Trading in Adopt Me

For players who don’t have a Unicorn but desire one, trading is a viable option. Users can engage in trades with other players who possess a Unicorn and are willing to negotiate.

What Is A Unicorn Worth In Adopt Me?

The regular Unicorn’s value is estimated to be around the Dandelion Propeller’s worth which is estimated around 1,750. The Neon Unicorn holds a higher value, valued close to the Headless Horseman’s Biplane. Meanwhile, the Mega Neon Unicorn is valued similarly to the Copter Cap in the Adopt Me game.

Adopt Me Pets Close In Value To Unicorn

Pets like the Ginger Cat, Dogmobile, Banjo, and Kitsune Mask are close in value to the Unicorn, offering a comparable value in trades.


The Unicorn, once available from the Retired Egg, holds a significant value in the game and remains popular among users. With around 364 users having the Unicorn as their dream pet, its trade activity suggests high demand.

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