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What Is A Cow Worth In Adopt Me: Complete Guide

What Is A Cow Worth In Adopt Me:
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Interested in What Is A Cow Worth ? Explore its value and how it fits into the trading world of Adopt Me. Stay updated with ongoing trades and the latest trends to make informed decisions in your virtual pet adventures.

What Is A Cow Worth In Adopt Me?

The Cow, a rare pet originating from the Farm Egg in Adopt Me, is considered more valuable than the Heart Stroller but slightly less valuable than the Neon Black Skateboard. It holds a comparable worth to an Elephant in the game.

OriginFarm Egg

How To Get A Cow In Adopt Me?

2.1 Getting A Cow From Hatching in Adopt Me

A Cow can be obtained by hatching eggs in the Farm area. The likelihood of obtaining a Cow is subject to chance during the hatching process.

2.2 Getting A Cow From Trading in Adopt Me

For players who don’t have a Cow but desire one, trading is a viable option. Users can engage in trades with other players who possess a Cow and are willing to negotiate.

What Is A Cow Worth In Adopt Me?

The Cow’s worth in Adopt Me is comparative to various other items in the game. Presently, a Cow is valued slightly higher than a Heart Stroller, slightly lower than a Neon Black Skateboard, and about equal in value to an Elephant.

Normal no-potion cow$5.75
Normal ride cow$6.99
Neon fly ride cow$23.99
Mega fly ride cow$47.99

Dream Pet and Popularity:

Aspiring players have marked the Cow as their Dream Pet, with 1526 users currently aiming to add it to their collection. This rarity adds to its desirability, making it a sought-after commodity in the game for players looking to grow their pet inventory or engage in trading activities.

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