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What Is A Evil Unicorn Worth In Adopt Me

What Is A Evil Unicorn Worth In Adopt Me
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Interested in What Is A Evil Unicorn Worth In Adopt Me? Explore its value and how it fits into the trading world of Adopt Me. Stay updated with ongoing trades and the latest trends to make informed decisions in your virtual pet adventures.

What Is A Evil Unicorn In Adopt Me?

The Evil Unicorn is a legendary pet obtainable from the Halloween 2019 (Candy) event. It is highly desired among players and is recognized for its relative rarity and intriguing appearance. The pet holds a considerable value in the Adopt Me universe and is commonly sought after by users, making it a popular choice for many.

OriginRetired Egg

How To Get An Evil Unicorn In Adopt Me?

2.1 Getting An Evil Unicorn From Halloween 2019 (Candy)

During the Halloween 2019 event, the Evil Unicorn could be obtained by opening special Candy Eggs or through various in-game activities available during the event. As the event is retired, acquiring an Evil Unicorn now primarily involves trading.

2.2 Getting An Evil Unicorn From Trading In Adopt Me

Players can trade other legendary pets, rare items, or in-game currencies to acquire an Evil Unicorn. Due to its status as a legendary pet, it holds significant value in the trading market and often requires substantial offers for exchange.

Listed are the tricks the Evil Unicorn learns in order:

Evil Unicorn’s AgeTrick Learned
JuniorLay Down
TeenRoll Over
Full GrownDance

What Is An Evil Unicorn Worth In Adopt Me?

The Evil Unicorn holds substantial value in the game. While the value can fluctuate, it is currently estimated to be slightly more valuable than a Jungle Egg and somewhat less valuable than a Neon Lion. 108,000 Candy In terms of trade value, it is approximately on par with the Tombstone Ghostify.

Adopt Me Pets Close In Value To Evil Unicorn

Pets that share a similar trade value to the Evil Unicorn include the Jungle Egg, Neon Lion, and Tombstone Ghostify. Additionally, other legendary pets like the Golden Griffin, Baku, and Maneki-Neko share a comparable value.


The Evil Unicorn is a coveted and sought-after pet in Adopt Me due to its legendary rarity and unique design. Players often engage in trading to acquire this pet, and it is commonly featured in many players’ dream pet lists, with approximately 1730 users currently considering it as their Dream Pet. The Evil Unicorn’s popularity remains high in the trading community, with numerous offers actively present on

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