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How Much Is Chroma Lightbringer Worth

How Much Is Chroma Lightbringer Worth
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Interested in How Much Is Chroma Lightbringer Worth? Explore its value and how it fits into the trading world. Chroma Lightbringer, a Godly rarity gun in the game, is obtainable by unboxing it from Mystery Box 2 or through trading.

Chroma Lightbringer

Chroma Lightbringer defies the conventional gun design by showcasing a pristine white body adorned with colorful elements. Notably, it features a distinct “wing” design along with rainbow-colored accents on the barrel, trigger, and the gun’s body.

Item TypeGun
Ways to ObtainMystery Box 2, Trading
Estimated Value355 (MM2V), 360 (Supreme)

How much is Chroma Lightbringer worth in MM2?

The current Chroma Lightbringer MM2 value is 410, 355 (MM2V), 360 (Supreme)

How to get Chroma Lightbringer?

Chroma Lightbringer is obtainable by unboxing it from Mystery Box 2 or through player-to-player trades.

Insights and Interesting Facts:

This chroma variant parallels the godly Lightbringer and was introduced in tandem with the Season 1 update. Its design is credited to IDontHaveAUse. However, like several other Chroma Weapons, Chroma Lightbringer faced the challenges of the Duping Glitch in 2021. It’s an integral part of the Chroma Bringer Set, paired with the chroma gun, Chroma Darkbringer. Notably, these weapons, including Chroma Lightbringer, are not viable for salvaging at the crafting station.


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