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Gemstone Value MM2 – [UPDATED]

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Gemstone, boasting a striking design with its prominent amethyst shard serving as the blade, transitioning into a golden cross-guard accentuated with lengthy quillons. Notably, the guard showcases small embedded gemstones, while another gemstone adorns the center of the handle’s curved golden pommel.


The knife features a substantial crystalline amethyst shard as its blade, transitioning into a golden cross-guard with extended quillons. A small purple gemstone embellishes the center of the guard, while another gemstone adorns the middle of the curved golden pommel on the handle. The handle, brown in color, is encircled with wrapped tape.

Item TypeKnife
Ways to ObtainMystery Box 1,
Estimated Value27 (MM2V),
28 (Supreme)

How much Is Gemstone Value MM2?

The blade of the knife is a significant crystalline amethyst shard that leads into a golden cross-guard with prolonged quillons. the current estimated 27 (MM2V), 28 (Supreme)

How to get Gemstone Value MM2?

How to get Gemstone Value MM2?

Vampire Edge Worth is obtainable by unboxing it from Mystery Box 2 or through player-to-player trades.

Insights and Noteworthy Details:

As part of the Season 1 update, Gemstone stands out as the premier godly introduced during this season in Murder Mystery 2. Remarkably, it presents a chroma variant known as Chroma Gemstone, both accessible from the same box.

The design inspiration for this particular godly knife originates from the limited Roblox gear, Crystal Blade: Amethyst Attack. An interesting distinction lies in the fact that Gemstone and Chroma Gemstone are the exclusive Season 1 godlies not crafted by IDontHaveAUse.

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