Mining Legends codes

Mining Legends codes
Written by Wayka Mido

Mining Legends codes will rewards you free coins and gems and one code will give you a free op pet, these codes might expire at anytime so make sure to redeem them as soon as possible:

  • IMPOSTOR: Limited Red Impostor Pet (NEW)
  • MINI: Limited Mini Tofuu Pet (NEW)
  • Alien: Alien Serpent Pet (NEW)
  • GOLDEN: Golden Star Pet
  • NUCLEAR: Nuclear Monkey [Limited time only] 
  • OPPET: free OP Dominus pet
  • DEMO: 100 Coins and 100 Gems
  • KNIGHTLY: 100 Coins and 100 Gems
  • ICEY: 100 Coins and 100 Gems
  • WIZARD: Evil Wizard pet
  • RUSSO: 500 Gems
  • RELEASE: 250 Coins

and for more free items for your avatar check the Roblox Promo codes, also check other games codes in this searchable list.

How to redeem Mining Legends codes?

This how you redeem the codes for Mining Legends game, just click on the twitter icon on the left side then enter the codes from the list above in the screen that pops up:

Mining Legends codes
Mining Legends codes

How to find Mining Legends codes?

To find new codes for Mining legends we recommend that you bookmark this page and check it when you want to check if there are any new codes, as we update it once new codes are available.

Also Follow the official Twitter account of the developer in case he shares any exclusive codes there.

the other option to find codes is in Discord server of the game as you can see below there are some codes there that aren’t available anywhere else.

Mining Legends codes discord codes
Mining Legends codes discord codes

the other place to check for new codes is in the description of the game Mining Legends, don’t just hit play without checking the description first as it might have some exclusive codes and important updates.

Mining Legends codes game description codes
Mining Legends codes game description codes

About Mining Legends game

Mining Legends is a Roblox game released in early 2021 and it already reach almost 2 million visits on Roblox.

 In this game you dig with your pickaxe to get blocks! Sell the blocks you mined to get Coins, which you can use to buy Rebirths, and new items!

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