Crystal Magnet Simulator codes

Crystal Magnet Simulator codes will help you get free Coins, pets and even free accessories like the black Top hat, make sure to redeem these codes soon as no one knows when they will go to expire,

also stay tuned for new coming codes as they are total of 10 codes still not revealed according to their discord channel.

All Crystal Magnet Simulator codes

these are all the codes for Crystal Magnet Simulator:

  • UltimateRazorfish: Ultimate Razor Fish Pet
  • UltimateTokens2021: 150 Tokens
  • UltimatePet2021: Triple Golden Bear Pet
  • FreePet: Dog Pet
  • FreeHat: Black Top Hat
  • FreeCoins: 250 coins
  • Release: 150 coins

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How to redeem Crystal Magnet Simulator codes

To redeem the codes for Crystal Magnet Simulator it easy you just click on the twitter on the twitter icon on the right side then a pop up screen appear where you can enter the codes from the list above:

crystal magnet simulator codes
crystal magnet simulator codes

Where to find Crystal Magnet Simulator codes?

To get new codes for Crystal Magnet Simulator as soon as they get released you can either follow there official twitter account as you can see some of the codes above released in twitter:

crystal magnet simulator codes on twitter
crystal magnet simulator codes on twitter

Or join their discord server and as you can see the picture below there are Ten codes coming soon to Crystal Magnet Simulator

crystal magnet simulator codes on discord
crystal magnet simulator codes on discord

About Crystal Magnet Simulator game

Crystal Magnet Simulator is a Roblox game released early February 2021, and it already reached over two million visits, the goal of the game is to collect crystals, buy upgrades, collect pets, discover new islands.

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