ALL 10 Hunters Arena Legends Characters

Hunters Arena Legends Characters
Written by Wayka Mido

Hunter’s Arena: Legends is a mix of a MMOPRG and fighting game, where 60 players compete with each other to be the last one standing.

In the list below we put together a guide to all Hunters Arena Legends Characters, and the abilities of each one:

Hunters Arena Legends Characters List


A melee character who uses a powerful Sway ability to approach rapidly and inflict massive damage.

hunters arena legends characters Jun

He is one of the first character you will get familiar with as he appears in the tutorial of the game.

He has 6 Abilities :

  1. Talon Attack
  2. Bloodstorm
  3. Death Embrace
  4. Ultimate Assault
  5. Blood Revenge
  6. Throat Slitter


Ara is a Long Range Character specialized in kiting enemies with long-range basic attacks, skills, and an escape move.

hunters arena legends characters ara

She has 5 Abilities:

  1. Dissonance
  2. Lucid Dream
  3. First Snow Lullaby
  4. Four Seasons
  5. Lycoris


A melee character who can pound the enemy continuously while ignoring the enemy’s attack with super armor.

hunters arena legends characters Mir

He has 6 abilities:

  1. Collision
  2. Triple Strike
  3. Crushing Blow
  4. Dragon Tornado
  5. Berserk
  6. Exploding Rage


hunters arena legends characters Mumyung

He has 6 Abilities

  1. Shadow Cut
  2. Shadow Slash
  3. Shadow Mark
  4. Shadow Ghost
  5. Phantom Assassin
  6. Vanish


hunters arena legends characters Mimi

She has 6 Abilities

  1. Back Jump
  2. Blade Flood
  3. Meteor Dash
  4. Inferno
  5. Meteor Explosion
  6. Flame Thrower


hunters arena legends characters Tau

He has 6 Abilities

  • Beast Dash
  • Rock Breaker
  • Earth Tremor
  • Earthquake
  • Nature’s Call
  • Inner Peace


Aiden is a Melee Character, he is good against long ranged enemies that shoot projectiles.

hunters arena legends characters Aiden

He has 6 Abilities

  1. Infinite March
  2. Shield Throw
  3. Steel Barrier
  4. Iron Will
  5. Foresight
  6. Death Sense

Sum Jung

hunters arena legends characters Sum Jung

He has 6 Abilities

  1. Nirvana
  2. Tree Path Strike
  3. Merciful Sacrifice
  4. Penace and Patience
  5. Buddha’s Palm
  6. Dauntless Curtain


hunters arena legends characters Dara

Dara is a Long Range Character

She has 6 Abilities

  1. Elemental Strike
  2. Elemental Diffusion
  3. Ring of Elements
  4. Select Element
  5. Star Strike
  6. Elemental Stacks


Geonhong is a Long Range Character

hunters arena legends characters Geonhong

He has 6 Abilities :

  1. Bottle Throw
  2. Tipsy Flame
  3. Drunken Walk
  4. Eat, Drink and Be Merry
  5. Alcohol Aggression
  6. Elevating Tipsiness

What are the best Hunters Arena Legends characters ?

The best characters in Hunters Arena Legends are :


The game is available on steam for 19.99$

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