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12 of the Best Roblox Games for 5 year olds (Ranked)

12 of the Best Roblox Games for 5 year olds (Ranked)
Written by Wayka Mido

This is a detailed guide on the Best Roblox Games for 5 year olds.

Video games have been a big part of many kids growing up for a very long while. Especially since online gaming became a thing, the gaming community grew tenfold and kids are exposed to different people every day across the world.

Roblox is a good example of one of the most popular online games. As a parent, you might be wary of what games in Roblox are suitable for your 5 year old. Roblox generally is safe for kids, but parents can take extra precautions and set up additional security measurements which include setting up parental controls in order to monitor what your kids are doing.

Of course, you want your kids to still have fun and have wholesome experience while still being able to be safe on the internet. This is why we came up with this guide for Best Roblox Games for 5 year olds. Overall, if you manage to set a good gaming environment, you can finally be at peace knowing your child is genuinely alright. Roblox can very rewarding as it is a brilliant learning platform

With that said, below is our full list of Best Roblox Games for 5 year olds.

Game #1: Adopt me

One of the most popular games in Roblox and a personal kids favorite is Adopt me. You get to join your friends in a magical world where you get to adopt cute little virtual pets and raise them as their own.

Enjoy decorating houses and trading with your friends online. In such games, there is no right or wrong way to play the game as long as you have fun really.

A player gets to play as either a Baby or Parent depending on what you prefer. As I mentioned earlier, the ultimate goal is to have fun and there are a tonne of ways to do it in this mode. One particularly exciting feature in this game is just how much you can customize houses which should keep hooked for a couple of hours.

Best Roblox Games for 5 year olds
Adopt me: Best Roblox Games for 5 year olds

This is one game that is guaranteed to keep your little one happy.

Game #2: Work at a Pizza Place

Next up on Best Roblox Games for 5 year olds is Work at a Pizza Place.

Have you ever wanted to run a Pizza Place? Well, this game is definitely one for you to consider. The object of the game is to simply run a Pizza place. Sounds simple, right? Well, yes it actually is but it has so much involved which makes it so addictive and fun.

Best Roblox Games for 5 year olds
Work at Pizza place

The game is insanely popular, and rightly so. It has been around for quite a long time now but is still among many people’s favourites. You can pick a variety of roles to play like being a cashier, a cook, the manager or delivery guy. With this many options, you won’t get bored doing one thing for too long.

The game should keep your kids on their toes as they will be given tasks which will challenge their ability to make decisions. So on top of having fun, a kid gets to develop that useful skill. Check out their wiki page.

Game #3: Jailbreak

Roblox games for kids

An award-winning game which boasts having being played over 4 billion times is next on this list. Who doesn’t love police vs robber action? Well in this game you get to pick whether to play as either of the two. In addition, you can also play as a prisoner.

Playing as a cop is fun. You need to stop prisoners from breaking out of jail. Otherwise, they’ll escape and become criminals ad you’ll have a harder task of stopping them from committing crime.

Basically being a criminal/prisoner is the same role. Once you successfully escape prison you become a criminal. Now you can go ahead and do various heists like robbing banks and try to get away before the police come. There are various get away vehicles you can use to escape.

Game #4: Royale High

Best Roblox Games For 5 year olds
Royale High

Fancy a bit of dress-up? Well, this is one you should definitely check out. Join your friends in this high-school themed game. When school meets magical creatures like mermaids and fairies you get Royale high.

Explore several realms and attend many high school events. Overall, its a really decent game that your little kids should enjoy.

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Game #5: Welcome to Bloxburg

In this beautiful virtual world, the only limit to what you can do is your creativity. If you can imagine it, you can build it. Enjoy an amazing role-playing adventure and build your dream house in your very own dream world.

Best Roblox games for kids: welcome-to-Roblux
Welcome to Bloxburg

Do practically many things you do in real life. Customize your Avatar however you want and make friends in this simulated world. Your avatar will learn several skills as you progress and ultimately level up. The game has amazing visuals and many unique features. Overall, its something you definitely will enjoy picking up right from the go.

Game #6: Meep City

Best Roblox Games For kids
Meep City

Our next game in this list of Best Roblox Games for 5 year olds is Meep city. Welcome to Meep city, the best place to meet with your friends and just chill.

One of the biggest MMO’s in Roblox. The gameplay is actually pretty simple, its just a massive social hangout. Major activities include fishing and customizing your very own house. Buy your own Meep pet.

You can get one in the Pet Shop, where you can also sell fish you caught. You can also buy several other items in the shop like Meep toys and fishing rods. There is also a furniture shop where you can buy some furniture for your home.

Game #7: Booga Booga!

best roblox games
Booga Booga

If you’ve played Minecraft before, this game should look pretty familiar. The main aim is simply survival. If you like tribal-like games then this is definitely one should check out. Get into fierce tribal fights and you travel and create tribes of your own.

Game #8: Theme Park Tycoon 2

Best Roblox games for kids

Next on our list of Best Roblox Games for 5 year olds is the famous Theme Park Tycoon 2. Who doesn’t like theme parks? Developed by Den_s, the game is about players being given the freedom to build their own theme parks.

Once you are done with building one, you can start earning money from visitors who come to enjoy your theme park. You will ultimately get funds to make your theme park even better as the game proceeds. Join your friends as you try to come up with unique ideas of how to build fascinating rides. The five-game features include Water rides, Rollercoasters, Intense rides, Transport rides, and Gentle rides.

Join up to 5 of your friends in a server as you both compete in trying to build the best theme park. Visit your friend’s theme park and play together as you also help each other in the building process.

Other features include being able to build stalls in your pack where you can sell different items to visitors. You will be able to see whether players enjoy your park by looking at the statistics in the game.

Overall, the game is very enjoyable for kids and has super friendly gameplay. This is one of my favorites actually that you should definitely check out.

Game #9: Counter Blox

Counter Blox

Another shooter game for whoever fancies a bit of action is Counter Blox. Participate in 5v5 sessions and team your with your friends as you strive to take on other players. Purchase new weapons earned from winning matches and completing objectives in the game. Try out new maps and new game modes as you progress.

As far as shooter games come in Roblox, its not exactly top tier but its worth a shot.

Our next game in our list of Best Roblox games for 5 year olds is Hide and seek extreme

Game #10: Hide and Seek Extreme

best Roblox game for kids Game#10 Hide and Seek Extreme

Hide and seek with no doubt is among one of the most popular, if not the most popular outdoor kids game. Developed by Tim 7775, Hide and seek extreme is an amazing game.

The objective of the game is to hide and avoid being caught by a seeker. I know what you are thinking, “well duh?” But what makes this game “extreme” is the many more exciting features that have been added tovit.

The game selects a random map and a random “seeker” whenever a new round begins. All players including the hiders and the seeker will spawn the same place in the randomly selected map. The hiders will have some time to find a good hiding spot while the seeker will be temporarily frozen for a while, though they will still be able to see the movements of the hiders.

The seeker must then catch all the hiders before time runs out otherwise they will lose the game. The maps in the game include The store, The Kitchen, The Bedroom, The Backyard, The Attic and Cursed Cavern.

Game #11: Obstacle paradise

Obstacle paradise

Next up on Best Roblox games for 5 year olds is Obstacle Paradise.

Have fun constructing obstacle courses( obbies) where other players can participate and try to beat your obstacle course. The games vary in length and difficulty and players can choose between them depending on what they prefer. The obstacle courses come in different formats which include Escape, Clickbait, Classic, Tiered, towered and Difficulty obbies.

Game #12: Speed Run 4

Speed Run 4

A simple game that challenges a player to to race through 31 levels. Actually its rather a unique racing game that inspires a different approach when playing it. Its fun and very popular having hit over 819 million visits. Challenge yourself with different modes and try to beat your friends record.


Here are some of the frequently asked question about this topic.

Is Roblox Ok for a 5 year old

Yes, Roblox is definitely ok for a 5-year-old. The game is designed for younger audiences so you should have nothing to worry about. However, since your child is still online and meeting new people every day you may want to take extra precaution and check who your child interacts with, In the game. Not everyone is friendly or has good intentions online.

Final thoughts

Well, there you have that is my selection of Best Roblox Games for 5-year-olds. You can also check out my selection of best Roblox games for Adults. and this Roblox Promo codes list to help you upgrade your avatar .

Happy building gamers.

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