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Tower Defense Simulator codes

Tower Defense Simulator codes
Written by Wayka Mido

Tower Defense Simulator codes will allow you to get some free skins, boost your experience and a free hunter troop.

Tower Defense Simulator was created on June 2019 by Paradoxum games, and since then it reached more than 500 Million visits.

The Principe of the game id to team up with your friends or other players to fight and beat waves of zombies until you run them all or triumph a single map. you can buy different king of towers and upgrade them for more power and range.

Active codes tower defense simulator

These are all the valid codes for Tower Defense Simulator for, we will update this list once new codes are available.

No Active Codes Currently!

Expired codes for tower defense simulator

R3TR050 XP
TRICKORTREATHalloween Skin for Hunter
SUMMER100 Coins
120K250 Coins & XP
3S8KZMC??? Coins & ??? XP
KITT3N[1]100 Coins & XP
GOR1LLA350 Coins & 25 XP
RAZ0RF1SH[2]100 Coins & XP
SF0TH[3]Coins & XP
LONGWAIT[4]Coins, XP & Russian Emote
ELECTRO100 Coins
SPR1NGM1L3ST0NESpring skin for Shredder
HAPPY3AST3R!Spring skin for Commander
expired tower defense simulator codes

How to redeem tower defense simulator codes

it”s easy to claim the codes for tower defense simulator, just click on the troops icon on the left, then enter the codes bottom left of the screen that will show.

How to redeem tower defense simulator codes
How to redeem tower defense simulator codes

tower defense simulator towers List

tower defense simulator turret

Turret in Tower Defence Simulator is high range and damaging tower, you can get it once you reach level 50. its base cost is 4,000$.

tower defense simulator turret

tower defense simulator turret is one of the most expensive tower in the game thus it’s advised to only used in late-game.

here are the diffrent upgrades of of Tower Simulator Turret:

  1. level 1: Radar costs 500$
  2. level 2: Improved Ammunition costs 2000$
  3. level 3: Double Turret costs 5.000$
  4. level 4: Better Ammo costs 12,500$
  5. level 5: Barrel Upgrade costs 20,000$

tower defense simulator outlaw

tower defense simulator outlaw

The outlaw tower is a cliff tower with a base damage of 10 and range of 20 studs.

the base cost of the Outlaw tower is 2,000$and you can unlock it for 4,250$.

tower defense simulator outlaw Upgrades are :

  • Level 1: Gloves costs 550$
  • Level 2:Upgraded Eye Tech costs 3,500$
  • Level 3:Bigger Gun costs 7,500$
  • Level 4:Start lord costs 10,500$
  • Level 5:Even Bigger Gun costs 25,000$

the total costs to get all outlaw upgrades is $49,050.

tower defense simulator cowboy

tower defense simulator cowboy

The Cowboy base cost is 650$ and

How to get cowboy in tower defense simulator?

Cowboy tower is Ground tower that’s only obtainable by triumphing Badlands but the mode needs to be Molten, Golden or Fallen.

these are the upgrades of the cowboy tower:

  1. Level 1: Improved Handling costs 350$.
  2. Level 2: Wanted costs 525$.
  3. Level 3: Bandito costs 1350$ .
  4. Level 4: Dual Wield costs 4250$.
  5. Level 5: Gold Rush costs 7500$ .

The total cost of all Cowboy tower upgrades is 14,625$.

tower defense simulator Minigunner

tower defense simulator Minigunner

The Minigunner in Tower Defense Simulator is a Ground tower that could be obtained from store for 2,500$ . the base Damage of Minigunner is 1 and it’s base range 16 studs.

Here are all the upgrades of Minigunner and the cost of each one :

  1. Level 1: Improved Handling costs 250$
  2. Level 2: Heat Vision Goggles costs 525$
  3. Level 3: Bandolier costs 2,000$
  4. Level 4: DUAL MINIGUNS costs 5,500$
  5. Level 5: High Tech Super Soldier costs 8,500$

The total cost of Minigunner with all the upgrades is $18,775, and for the Minigunner to be effective place it down as possible in front of the track if it’s an option . also it’s preferable to have Commander, DJ Booth, or John near the Minigunner.

tower defense simulator commander

tower defense simulator commander

What does the commander do in tower defense simulator?

Th commander in Tower Defense Simulator is a support tower that’s placed on the ground and it helps boost the fire rate of the towers in his range.

the comander costs 1,500$ to unlock from the store its base damage is 6 and it’s base range is 14 studs.

Here are all the upgrades of the Commander and the costs of each one:

  1. Level 1:Gloves costs 300$
  2. Level 2: Intimidation costs 850$
  3. Level 3: Call Of Arms costs 2000$
  4. Level 4: Boot Camp Training costs 5,500$
  5. Level 5: Commander of The World costs 10.000 $

it costs 19,300$ to get all the upgrades of the commander.

tower defense simulator shredder

tower defense simulator shredder

shredder in Tower Defense Simulator is a short range Tower that’s placed on the ground, it was obtainable in Halloween of 2019 event or by having a 400 Robux game pass.

The base cost of the Shredder is 600$ and it’s base Damage is 2 while his range is only 6 studs which stays the same even if you upgrade it.

Here are all the upgrades of shredder in Tower Defense Simulator and its cost:

  1. Level 1:Midnight Bandit costs 250$
  2. Level 2: Dual Wield costs 550$
  3. Level 3: Throwing Knives costs 1,350$
  4. Level 4: Spooky Power costs 3,500$
  5. Level 5: DEADLY CHAINSAW costs 7,500$

Once you upgrade to level 3 you gain the ability of throwing knifes which increases the range by 200%. the Total costs of all Shredder’s upgrades is 13,750$.

tower defense simulator sentry

tower defense simulator sentry

The Sentry tower is no longer available, only those who bought it bedore December 2019 can use it, it used to cost 3,560$.

tower defense simulator medic

tower defense simulator medic

The Medic Tower in tower defense simulator was added in Mga update and it a ground towerthat costs 2,000$ in the store, it’s base damage is 1 and it’s base Range is 10 studs.

players conser the Medic tower as a support tower as it heals the match health by an extra amount after each wave. when you upgrade the Medic tower you gain more healing power in bigger range.

Here are all the upgrades of the Medic Tower:

  1. Level 1: Medical Precautions costs 400$
  2. Level 2: Prescribe Vitamins costs 900$
  3. Level 3: BIG BRAIN costs 2,400$
  4. Level 4: Medical Pack costs 4,500$
  5. Level 5: Goddess Of Healing costs 6,500$

The medic Tower is the only Tower that has the ability to restore health.

tower defense simulator military base

tower defense simulator military base

The Military Base in Tower military defense Simulator is both moving and ground tower, it costs 2,550$ to unlock it from the store. the Military base base a base damage of 25 and a base range of 3 studs.

Here are all the upgrades of the military base and their cost:

  • Level 1: Mechanics costs 300$
  • Level 2: Barbed Wire costs 800$
  • Level 3: Mounted Gun costs 1500$
  • Level 4: Tank costs 6000$
  • Level 5: Railgun Tank costs 26,500$

tower defense simulator best loadout


how to dance in tower defense simulator

To perform a dance in Tower defense Simulator you have to use emotes like classic party, Dab, Russian … you can buy these emotes from the store and enable them by pressing G button ot tap on emote button if you’re on mobile.

how to get gladiator in tower defense simulator?

you can get the gladiator tower in the SFOTH Event 2019. but it’s no longer available and its replaced with The Shredder as a better alternative.

how to emote in tower defense simulator?

To emote in Tower defense simulator just if you’re on computer, or tap on emote button if you’re on mobile.

How to get golden scout in tower defense simulator?

Scout is one of the default towers you get when you join the gameand to get the Golden scout you have to obtain the Gloden skin which is very expensive as it costs 50,000$.

how to get john in tower defense simulator

You can get John tower in Tower Defense Simulator from the store for 1,000$ , it was obtainable in the past using the code J0HNRBX.

how to get the secret badge in tower defense simulator

You can get the secret badge in Tower Defense Simulator by defeating the Hidden wave which is a very hard to unlock.

Final Thoughts

That’s all about tower defense simulator codes and tips, if you need some extra info about the game check the tower defense simulator wiki 1 & 2 . you can also join Tower Defense Simulator discord here.

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