Newest Roblox Ninja Legends codes

roblox ninja legends codes

If you are looking for roblox ninja legends codes we made this post especially for you and we collected an updated list of all working codes.

roblox ninja legends is developed by Scriptbloxian Studios a ninjitsu training simulator Roblox game.

The goal of the game is to train in ninjitsu also buy swords and ranks to become more powerful ninjitsu master. the higher ninjitsu you get the more powerful you get.

Active codes for legends of speed roblox

in the table below we collected all the working codes :

roblox ninja legends codes for chi

CodesChi Rewards
masterninja750750 Chi
epicninja250250 Chi
fastninja100100 Chi
DesertNinja250250 Chi
swiftblade300300 Chi
dragonwarrior500500 Chi
flyingninja500500 Chi
epicflyingninja500500 Chi
legends200Mx chi
shadowninja500500 Chi
legendaryninja500500 Chi
mythicalninja500500 Chi
blizzardninja500500 Chi
senseisanta500500 Chi
legends500m500 Chi
goldupdate500500 Chi
goldninja500500 Chi
epicelements500500 Chi
zenmaster500500 Chi
dragonlegend750750 Chi
dojomasters500500 Chi
legends700mx chi
skymaster750750 Chi
secretcrystal10001,000 Chi
elementmaster750750 Chi

roblox ninja legends codes for souls

Soul codesRewards
20 Souls
soulhunter55 Souls

roblox ninja legends codes for gems

Gems codeRewards
christmasninja500500 Gems

What do gems do in Ninja Legends Roblox?

Currently Gems in Ninja Legends Roblox have no use but you can trade for Chi when Zen Master is completed .

Ninja legends codes for auto train

auto train codesrewards
epictrain1515 Minutes of Auto-Training
roboninja1515 Minutes of Auto-Training

Expired codes for Ninja legends

Expired codeReward
autotrain1515 Minutes of Auto-Training
epicsensei500500 Chi
launch100100 Coins

Steps to Redeem Ninja legends codes?

in order to redeem the codes please follow the steps below :

  1. Click on the blue button on the right side of the screen below the Sell (green) button.
  2. Type the code (it is case sensitive)
  3. click on enter to redeem the code.
Ninja legends codes redeem
Ninja legends codes redeem

roblox ninja legends pets

you can level up each up to Maximum level which is 50, but for the rare pets you have to have more XP to be able to level up your pet more than common pets.

Here is a list of the rarest pets in Ninja legends ranked from the High rare to low .

Orange Falcon30% Rare
Voltaic Falcon25% Rare
Red Dragon30% Rare
Purple Pegasus20% Rare
Orange Falcon20% Rare
Purple Dragon15% Rare
Orange Pegasus15% Rare
Orange Dragon15% Rare
Light Angel15% Rare
Blue Falcon15% Rare
Purple Angel10% Rare
White Pegasus5% Rare
Purple Falcon10% Rare

roblox ninja legends ranks

Ranks in Ninja Legeds are used to help you boost your Ninjitsu and coins and give you some extra abilities, To this date there is 59 ranks in Ninja Legends.

All the Ranks :

  1. Rookie (This rank will give players a x1 – (x8 with Lightning and Electral Chaos Elements) multiplier.)
  2. Grasshopper This rank will give players x2 – x16
  3. Apprentice
  4. Samurai
  5. Assassin
  6. Shadow
  7. Ninja
  8. Master Ninja
  9. Sensei
  10. Master Sensei
  11. Ninja Legend
  12. Master Of Shadows
  13. Immortal Assassin
  14. Eternity Hunter
  15. Shadow Legend
  16. Dragon Warrior
  17. Dragon Master
  18. Chaos Sensei
  19. Chaos Legend
  20. Master Of Elements
  21. Elemental Legend
  22. Ancient Battle Master
  23. Ancient Battle Legend
  24. Legendary Shadow Duelist
  25. Master Legend Assassin
  26. Mythic Shadowmaster
  27. Legendary Shadowmaster
  28. Awakened Scythemaster
  29. Awakened Scythe Legend
  30. Master Legend Zephyr
  31. Golden Sun Shuriken Master
  32. Golden Sun Shuriken Legend
  33. Dark Sun Samurai Legend
  34. Dragon Evolution Form I
  35. Dragon Evolution Form II
  36. Dragon Evolution Form III
  37. Dragon Evolution Form IV
  38. Dragon Evolution Form V
  39. Cybernetic Electro Master
  40. Cybernetic Electro Legend
  41. Shadow Chaos Assassin
  42. Shadow Chaos Legend
  43. Infinity Sensei
  44. Infinity Legend
  45. Aether Genesis Master Ninja
  46. Master Legend Sensei Hunter
  47. Skystorm Series Samurai Legend
  48. Master Elemental Hero
  49. Eclipse Series Soul Master
  50. Starstrike Master Sensei
  51. Evolved Series Master Ninja
  52. Dark Elements Guardian
  53. Elite Series Master Legend
  54. Infinity Shadows Master
  55. Lightning Storm Sensei
  56. Dark Elements Blademaster
  57. Rising Shadow Eternal Ninja
  58. Skyblade Ninja Master
  59. Shadow Storm Sensei


Where is the secret crystal in Ninja legends?

secret crystal in Ninja legends is located on a small island toward the left behind the eternal boss.

Final thoughts

If you like to know more info about the game basics and details about pets ect please check the wiki of the Ninja legends here.

and feel free to check these posts for other roblox games codes and tricks :

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