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Cursed Islands Codes Roblox

Are you looking for and updated cursed islands codes list , we collected the latest codes and we will make sure to update them regularly .

Valid cursed islands codes:

  • happyholidays: 30 Rubies (NEW)
  • krakenisland: A Rare Chest and 300 Coins (NEW)
  • Secret: A Rare Chest
  • CHEST: Rubies
  • SampleCode: Cape & Coins

Expired codes for Cursed Islands

To this moment all the codes for cursed islands are valid and none of them has expired yet. nut i f you came to any code that don’t work please let us know in the comment so we add it the list .

How to redeem Roblox Cursed Islands codes

it’s very easy to redeem Cursed Islands codes just follow the steps bellow

  1. click o shop button
  2. choose the redeem option
  3. click on redeem botton
  4. you will see a pop with this info :
roblox cursed islands codes
redeem roblox cursed islands codes
  1. Tap on the text area
  2. Enter one of the codes in the table above
  3. tap on redeem
  4. enjoy the given Reward

What is Cursed Islands?

Cursed island is a survival game with nautical theme where you compete with other players to be the last player alive . it was created august 2017 by a group known as seven Levels.

How To Play Cursed Islands?

the goal of the game is to be the last person left standing . at first all player are brought to an arena where they wake and then will have only a few seconds to go to an island if they want after that any the arena is filled with water and it will take any player who left in their.

after that events will happen randomly on island , these events will be rewarding and you will end up getting rewards such : Coins, Rubies, & Swords. but it also could be a deadly event such an attack from a sea creature .

the round goes on as long as there is more than one player standing and the last one who is alive after all the island are destroyed is the winner .

Here is the official trailer for Cursed island .

Final thoughts

Hope you enjoyed collecting the codes and you got some rewards that ill help you in the game , and here are some other posts about roblox that you might want to check :

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