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Roblox Dragon Adventures codes

updated dragon adventures codes Roblox
Written by Wayka Mido

in this post we collected all the working dragon adventures roblox codes , also what reward each code will give you

Active dragon adventures codes list

these codes will reward you some free stuff that will help you advance in the game such as chocolate eggs, coins, and preset portions …etc.

Code : Reward

  • HEARTS: Dragon Revival Hearts (NEW)
  • FLUFFY: One FluffyTSG Preset Potion

Expired codes for dragon adventures Roblox

here are the past codes that used to work , we included them for you to get an idea what rewards players got and what kind of codes that might come in the future.

HappyValentines1 Color Shuffle Potion
DAValentines1,000 Coins
Val202010 Toxic Waste
happybdayery1 Radioactive Present Potion
toxicworld1000 Coins
Wastel4ndUnknown Reward
Wasp500 Free Coins
ToxicHeart Preset Potion
b0ndx75 Free Heart Trea

steps to redeem codes in dragon adventures

to redeem codes in dragon adventures just follow the steps below :

  1. on the right side of the screen click menu
  2. then click on twitter button
  3. the following box will be open
redeem dragon adventures codes roblox
redeem dragon adventures codes roblox
  1. past the codes from the table above in the box
  2. tap submit
  3. enjoy the rewards


What is the rarest dragon in Dragon Adventures?

the rarest dragon in Dragon Adventures is Mother Dragon (Feathered) as it has the lowest hatch rate of 1.96% chance. the other rare Dragons are : Alrenoth (Hydra), Krekiz (Shark) and Chronocus (Diabloceratops) .

What is a pure dragon in Dragon Adventures?

A pure dragon in Dragon Adventures is a dragon that has one color , so pure yellow dragon is a all yellow dragon.

What is co-hatch in dragon adventures?

a co-hatch in dragon adventures is a functionality in setting menu that you have to enable in order to be able breed your dragons with other players. and you have to be in level 25 or above to use it.

What are mutations in dragon adventures?

mutations in dragon adventures are rare breeding techniques that will allow you to have a dragon with unique physical abilities . mutations can also happen in a random way .

What is a Agricos in dragon adventures?

The Agricos is a lizar type of dragon and it is found in the Desert World. and its one of the favorite dragons to a lot of players .

Where do you find eggs in Dragon Adventures Roblox?

Eggs in Dragon Adventures can be found in floating islands or farming locations or in one of these areas:

  • near enemies,
  • near trees,
  • near nests,
  • near crystal spawn,

Eggs can be also obtained from the shop with prices starting from 1000 for Grasslands to 1,500,000 for Prehistoric .

What is the strongest dragon in Dragon Adventures?

the strongest dragon in Dragon Adventures is Chronocus (Diabloceratops) it is also the largest and one of the the rare dragons in the game . This Dragon is hatched from a Prehistoric Egg.

What is the fastest way to get coins in Dragons adventures?

the fastest and easy way to get money in Dragons adventures by farming and selling food and resources such as meat, Peach, Pear, Max Revive Crystals and apples . for more information about the plants to farm and prices check this farming guide.

How do you fish on Dragon Adventures Roblox?

to fish on Dragon Adventures follow the steps below :

  1. travel to a world besides Lobby or Leisure.
  2. locate a body of water, acid, or lava.
  3. position yourself over the liquid.
  4. Tap on the liquid to cast your line by equipping the fishing pole.
  5. wait for a fish or an item appears underneath your hook.
  6. Tap on the red bar to begin the fishing sequence.
  7. Tap faster until you obtain the item you hooked.

What are all the dragons in Dragon Adventures?

in total there is 31 dragon Dragon Adventures and they are classified into 5 categories tiny, small, Medium, Large and huge.

Dragon Adventures dragons list

Dragon nameWorldTier
Rocirus (Starter)GrasslandsTier 1 (tiny)
Saurium (Fluffy Raptor)GrasslandsTier 1 (tiny)
Amphyll (Axolotl)OceanTier 1 (tiny)
Sylva (Moth)TundraTier 1 (tiny)
Taihoa (Lung Dragon)FantasyTier 1 (tiny)
Venid (Wasp)WastelandTier 1 (tiny)
Venu (Cobra)VolcanoTier 2 (Small)
Dexyn (Drake)JungleTier 2 (Small)
Soukeyi (Torvosaurus)PrehistoricTier 2 (Small)
Skyrix (???)
Talk to the mother dragon and fulfill her quest
Tier 2 (Small)
Taraka (Leviathan)OceanTier 2 (Small)
Fayrah (Phoenix)Grassland, Jungle, Volcano, Tundra, Desert, Ocean, FantasyTier 2 (Small)
Enkylous (Turtle)OceanTier 2 (Small)
Agricos (Lizard)DesertTier 2 (Small)
Neroxide (Mantis)WastelandTier 2 (Small)
Howler (Owl)TundraTier 2 (Small)
Tosknir (Ice Wyvern)TundraTier 3 (Medium)
Khepera (Beetle)DesertTier 3 (Medium)
Rhyndac (Pterosaur)PrehistoricTier 3 (Medium)
Krekiz (Shark)OceanTier 3 (Medium)
Alrenoth (Hydra)TundraTier 3 (Medium)
Paukiki (Pumpkin)only obtainable through the Halloween EventTier 3 (Medium)
Palus (Wyvern)JungleTier 3 (Medium)
Aranga (Bunny)no longer obtainable.Tier 3 (Medium)
Zeipera (Amphithere)FantasyTier 4 (Large)
Skelltor (Skeleton)Grasslands, Jungle, Volcano, Tundra, Ocean, DesertTier 4 (Large)
Zinthros (Spinosaurus)PrehistoricTier 4 (Large)
Radidon (Father)WastelandTier 4 (Large)
Numine (Volcano/Titan)VolcanoTier 4 (Large)
Mother Dragon (Feathered)FantasyTier 5 (Huge)
Chronocus (Diabloceratops)PrehistoricTier 5 (Huge)
all the dragons in Dragon Adventures

Final thoughts

this is everything for Roblox Dragon Adventures codes , if you came across a new working code or a code in our list didn’t work please let us know in the comments .

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