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Blox Piece codes

Working blox piece codes 2020
Written by Wayka Mido

 Blox Piece is a game is that was inspired by the famous anime One Piece, in this post we provide you with active blox piece codes , that will allow you to get some rewards such as coins, XP boost and reward stats .

Working Blox Piece codes

Code : Reward

  • Axiore: 2x XP Boost (15 Minutes)
  • TantaiGaming: 2x XP Boost (15 Minutes)
  • STRAWHATMAINE: 2x XP Boost (15 Minutes)
  • B$1: fudd10

Expired roblox blox piece codes

this list of expired codes for you to get an idea of what past rewards were and what kind of rewards codes usually allow you to get .

Expired codeRewards
UPDATE10Stat refund
CONTROL15 Minutes of 2x EXP
XMASStat refund
Expired roblox blox piece codes

Blox Piece devil fruit

this the full list of Blox Piece devil fruit with the description and price of each fruit.

Devil fruitsDescriptionPrice
BombBasic starter fruit for beginners5000 Beli/50 Robux
SpikeA Basic Beginners FruitPrice: 7500 Beli/75 Robux
ChopChop is a newer player fruit but widely used by bounty hunters and swordsmen due to the fact that its immune to all sword attacks
30,000 beli
SpringBasic fruit for beginners. 60k or 180 Robux
Smoke is a Logia Type Devil Fruit that is really good for grinding for beginners since low level grinding barley has any Buso NPCs included. Not good for PvP .100k
FlameFlame is a Logia Type Devil Fruit. Very good for early game grinding because of the Logia Effect. It’s eh in PvP and bounty hunting. Most damaging devil fruit in the game at the moment.250k
IceIce is a Logia Type Devil Fruit that is really good for grinding early and late game because of the stuns. Also amazing in PvP when used right since Update 8.350k
Sandis a Logia Type Devil Fruit that is very good for grinding throughout the game. Does good damage and has solid combo potential420k
Darkis another Logia Type Devil Fruit that deals amazing damage and really good for farming throughout the game.500k
Lightis another Logia Type Devil Fruit that is VERY good for grinding in the game. Also has the fastest flight in game which is very good for hunting for devil fruits, fleeing from battle, etc.650k
GumThe main protagonist of One Piece, Luffy. User becomes a Rubber Man and gets the traits of rubber. This is a Paramecia Devil Fruit. This fruit lacks range but to make up for that lack of range, comes pretty good damage. One of the top damaging fruits in the game hands down. It’s ok for grinding and it
can be alright for PvP if it’s used correctly.
Barrieris a Paramecia Devil Fruit that is based on creating barriers. Came with Update 8 and has proved itself to be the best trolling fruit in the game. Also a very good PvP fruit. Has great mobility, range, and damage if used right.800k
Magmais a Logia Type Devil Fruit and is one of the best grinding fruits in the game at the moment. Maybe even the best. It can be argued. One of the best fruits in a general sense, easy to use in pvp, grinding, and casual play.800k
Quakeis a Paramecia type Devil Fruit that is classified as a “Legendary” type of fruit. This is the first in the ranking starting at 1 million beli to buy.1m
Buddhais a Mythical Zoan type Devil Fruit that’s very good for tanks. It doubles your HP which is a good bit if your max level.1.2m
Stringis a Paramecia type Devil Fruit that is good for mobility and damage. Effective aim can make this fruit deadly and dangerous to fight against.1.5m
Phoniexis a Mythical Zoan type Devil Fruit that has recently became extremely common to see. It’s good for healing and attacking as you can stay in phoenix form.1.8m
Rumbleis a Logia Type Devil Fruit that has good mobility and high damage.2.1m
Paw-Paw is a Paramecia Type Devil Fruit that excels in mobility and damage. Typically, as most fruits do, the power of the paw scales with its user and how they wield it. A good Paw user can make this paramecia very deadly in not only solo fights but team fights as well.2.3m
Gravityis a Paramecia type Devil Fruit thats pretty bad for farming, average in pvp. However if you have a good amount of prediction you can use this fruit pretty well2.5m
Mochi Mochia paramecia Demon Fruit that acts like a Logia, but is not a Logia. Efficient aiming and timing will make this fruit deadly.
blox piece devil fruit

blox piece haki

you can find The Haki or the Rayleigh in the cave seen above on drum island .

blox piece haki list

Haki TypeLocationPriceHotkey
SoruSnow Island100KR
GeppoSnow Island10KDouble space
BusoSnow Island25kJ
KenUpper Yard Skypia750kK or E
blox piece haki

Final thoughts

you can also check blox piece trello board for more detailed information and updates .and if you have extra questions or suggestions you can always join blox piece discord server here.

also if you came across any new code that is not in the list above feel free to share it with everyone in the comments .

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